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NXT Tour vs NXT Tour S

Jeff S

Ok I am very confused by all of the talk about these 2 new balls. I want to go try them but not sure which one yet. I hear that the S is softer, spinnier with better feel but shorter. Then I hear the non S is longer with less spin.Then I look at the Titleist website and it shows on the ball comparisons that the S spins less off of the driver, spins less off of the wedge and spins less around the green. So it is a softer ball with less spin? It seems to be an easy choice for the non S, longer off of the tee and spins better on wedges and around the green. I would appreciate any comments from people who tried them side by side or Titleist reps that know more about these two side by side.Thanks

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  1. John T

    I know I am the voice of reason here but that was the whole point of the numerous discussions... NXT Tour (new) flies longer and a little flatter with less spin that the old NXT Tour (side by side two weeks ago in 50* dry weather). The new S was softer but very short both in comparison to the old NXT Tour and the new NXT Tour - performed well (not great) on the greens. Feel on both is distinctly different than the Old NXT Tour - somehow clackier, tinnier. Spinning less of the driver (the S) creates a flatter ball flight, straighter ball flight but, yes, somehow went shorter. The spin off my wedges (Ping G2) was good, but definitely less than the old NXT Tour. The new NXT Tour was without question longer than the S, nearly as long as the old NXT Tour, and better feeling around the greens. Neither however, cam close to the overall performance of the old NXT Tour. Curiously, though, a trial of the NEW DT SOLO proved to feel, fly and fly long as the OLD NXT TOUR. It does not, however, stop as quickly (more like a NXT Extreme). This is all confusing to me, too. Titleist kind of messed us up, huh?
  2. Scott

    I play with the ProV1. I tried the new NXT S. It's longer off the tee, it backs up on the green, and it's soft off the putter. Now, I have to choose between the two.
  3. Chris92009


    I play with the ProV1. I tried the new NXT S. It's longer off the tee, it backs up on the green, and it's soft off the putter. Now, I have to choose between the two.

    Scott, do you feel the NXT S is in the same category as the ProV1 and ProV1x??  I would think there would be major differences...

    Just curious...

  4. Dean A

    Guys I just played a round with the new NXT S, shot a 76 and had drives at 331, 340, and 343, ball is amazing. Played the entire round with one ball and it is still in good condition. Finally great ball for under $45 per dozen. Gotta try them... Dean
  5. julian p

    Jeff I tried the NXT Tour S a week ago and then just this weekend the NXT Tour. I didnt notice any difference in distance but did notice the Tour was harder feeling on putting. It boils down to what you want distance or feel and what your handicap is. I play off 10 and I will be getting the Tour S as I like the feel off the face of my irons and get more response through when putting. On a side note the Tour does not float!!! However neither did the old Cally that followed it in the same pond!

  6. Nate S

    How does the NXT Tour S compare spin wise to the ProV1x? I am thinking of playing it but I'm not sure.

  7. Todd L

    I believe that the NXT-S spins less across the board. I'm one full club longer with the NXT-S than I am with the ProV1x. The ProV1x holds the greens better for me than the NXT-S does though. I don't have the approach shot that backs up after it hits the green but if I did, I'd probably prefer the NXT-S. Also, the NXT-S is hotter off the putter face with a noticably softer feel than the ProV1x. My first 36 holes of the year were with an NXT-S and it held up very well. It has a lot going for it and I think it's certainly worth a try.
  8. Ken F

    I was asked to participate in a study of 2 new balls some time ago and I presume they were prototypes for the new NXT balls. I say this in part because I have helped Titleist w/ ball testing and club testing for a few years now. Anyway, the balls I tested felt very similar to the old model NXT balls. I submitted my results and waited to see what they came up w/. I agree w/ you that the new NXT balls are no real imprvement over the old balls. In fact, in several ways, they are worse. I played the old NXT balls exclusively for a number of years. They always felt solid w/ both irons and drivers/woods. Spin was very good. Chipping was superb, as was putting in terms of feel and feedback. The new balls fail me in all of these regards. I've reported this to Titleist and told them I'm looking for a new ball. Maybe DT Solo or other balls are worth a try. I have a feeling you and I are not alone in our opinions.

  9. cleon g

    i tried the tour an tour s i like the tour s alittle better. rite now, i;am going 2 use them both more and see if i can which is better in the long run.
  10. Philip D

    I was sent the nxt tour and the new nxt tour s for a survey which I would like to respond to but can't find.

  11. Andrew G

    I certainly appreciate the low ball flight off the driver.  It comes in handy and is effective in the windy conditions I normally play in.  I prefer the NXT Tour over the S, but only by a slight margin.  Around the greens was where I found the difference.  The "Tour" ball responded better to off-center contact and seemed to roll out better on chips and longer putts.  The "S" ball was less forgiving on marginal contact.  I do appreciate the NXT performance with less spin then the VI.  The NXT performance complements my game better.

  12. DANNY

    Has anyone noticed how much more durable the NXT Tour-S is compared to the ProV's are?

  13. Marie D

    I also was sent the two NXT balls and asked to give an opinion.  I really like the NXT Tour S in the high optic yellow.  It goes as far as some of the distance balls I was previously playing.  Pro V1 has better stopping power on the greens, but all and all I really like the lower ball flight off the driver with the NXT S.


    Marie D

  14. jimmy j

    Still trying to submit results from the NXT and NXT S ball survey. Is there a link that works??     Jimmy J

  15. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    jimmy j

    Still trying to submit results from the NXT and NXT S ball survey. Is there a link that works??     Jimmy J

    Hi Jimmy,

    Sorry for any inconvenience. I just tried the link below and confirmed that is was working for me. Please let  me know if you still experience any issues. Thanks again for taking the time to fill out the survey.

    All the best,


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