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Which Ball do I use

Rick S

I shoot in the low 90s what ball should I use. My swing is around 80 to 90?

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  1. Christopher O

    The Pro V1 is still the top of the heap but the NXT Tour-S is a bit cheaper with very similar performance,

  2. Neil H

    Hey Rick,

    I think that the best advise anyone would give you would be to get fit for the proper Ball. Titleist carrys the best balls but they are all different and favor all types of styles. So, the ProV might be great for one person but not for yourself. Not everyone has the same swing.

    You can also always use the Ball fitter Guide on to give a rough estimate of the best ball for your game.

    Good Luck!

  3. Rick S

    Thank You for your learned advice!
  4. Don O

    Since your stats are very similar to mine, this works for me -
    My ball striking has improved on full swings (moving my score from 105 to 95). My mishits are not common and a slice is no longer my most common ball flight. My trajectory is ok, but not overly high. My short game is ok, but I still need to get more spin to get balls to check - let alone spin enough to backup. I don't like pure distance balls - I like a like a softer contact especially if I catch the heel.

    I do the ball testing for my short game. I don't notice a difference around the green - at this time - between ProV1 or NXT. I've tried a bunch of balls off of the tee with little or no difference. I don't think I've tried the current ProV1/ProV1x off of the tee. Last attemtpted that with the previous models and with side spin issues at that time, they flew further out of bounds. I might add that the ball fitting online from any vendor tend to illustrate their philosphy on equipment more than what you can really use. In this case, ProV1x is always one of the 2 balls recommended for me. I can be as successful with it as with any Titleist ball, but to be more successful with it over the NXT lines, I need to improve my [short] game.

    I have a supply of NXTs to use up, but will likely try sleeves of NXT Tour/NXT Tour S (yellow) next. Unless I listen to coaching and generate more spin from short irons/pitches and can see the difference with a ProV style ball. Then it will likely come down to long irons/drivers to see which ProV suits my launch angle best.

    I foresee my game getting better. If I didn't, I'd be using something around $1 or less a ball in a box of 15. So when I can see a difference around the green (and I will keep trying), then I will make the move to ProV. So, the best ball for you is what fits your game. Just like getting fitted for clubs, have fun moving up to the ball that works the best for you.

  5. Rick S

    Thanks for the info Don, I too have my bigest problem with my second shot that calls for an lower iron. I do drive the ball pretty well with a slight draw, I just want to get the right ball!!!! I've used other brands, and several Titleist balls. I just want to find the right one. I've gotten my score down into the middle to lower 90s, but I can't, seem to break through to that elusive 80s. Rick

  6. Aiden F

    Here's my 2 cents. The only balls that I have purchased myself are the titleist dt solos. Those are nice soft golf balls that actually get decent spin...but not overly spinny where you might struggle with keeping the ball from hooking or slicing.

    Now because I'd love to hit shots that hit the green and stop dead I have experimented with higher quality balls from different manufacturers. All 3 of which were Christmas gifts. So far I've played 6 rounds, two with each type of ball. After playing these rounds I don't feel that I want the balls specifically for spin. Once you get balls that are really designed for crazy spin it gets difficult to control.

    I used the one tour, the new titleist prov1s and the b330-rx. The b330 balls also come in 3 other models. If you do some research beforehand, like you're swing speed for instance, then you will find that 2 out of the 4 balls are designed for people with slower swing speeds less than 105mph. Those balls are the b330-rxs(spin specific design) and the b330-rx with less spin, straighter shots, and less shots that get caught up in the wind. The other models are the b330 and the b330-swhich are just the faster swing speed models.

    Personally out of all 3, the prov1s were the best balanced balls.

    The one tour gets more spin and errant shots are more common with those and shorter distance also equates from that. Finally my personal favorite was and still is, the b330-rx balls. I felt, because I have a slower swing speed and I generate less distance that these will help to improve your game. I get quite a bit of spin on most half swing and chip shots and the prov1s give me too much spin and sometimes very little at all depending on how you hit the ball.

    So if you're really looking to improve, work on your putting and chipping and you're 30-75 yard shots to really improve spin and score lower. Oh and by the way, this is the second year that I have played. Last year I shot in the 100+ range and now I am shooting in the 80's. And I'm only 15. These balls really help as well as practice. So just keep this in mind this is what helped improve my game and may improve yours.

  7. Geoffrey B


  8. Doug N

    Geoffrey B


          Doug,  ProV1x, At 67, I get very good distance plus control around the greens. I have tried the Velocity but it feels heavy

    around  the greens for chipping and pitching shots.

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