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Nate S

Hey everybody! What golf ball do you play and why do you think it's the best?

I play the ProV1 because it gives just as much distance as the ProV1x and WAAAAYYYYYY more spin. I think it's the best because of the reasons above and it's durable and not as expensive as some other balls out there. 

Nate S

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  1. Dennis M

    Since I only play optic yellow balls, I'm trying the NXT Tour, the PD and the Pinnacle to see whether there is really any difference to me and my game. Until the NXT Tour recently came out on the market, I tried a couple other manufacturers, neither of which impressed me over the Pinnacle. I'm sure they are good balls, but my age, (62), and with what's left of my game, I just don't seem to get any significant difference in performance from a ball that costs $45 a dozen over something like the Pinnacles available at $15 for 15 balls.

    Obviously, your mileage may vary. By the way, I play 3-4 times a week for free since my retirement job is at a golf course. Golf balls are my single biggest expense and it's a really weird perspective to think that golf is no longer an expensive sport like I always budgeted for when I was younger.

  2. Nate S

    Does anybody even play a certain golf ball or is this post not worth it??

  3. Dennis M

    It's certainly not a stupid question, just one that makes more sense, (as far as I'm concerned), if we relate which ball we use to why we use it. If someone just says they use such and such ball without explaining a bit about their game, there's no way to know whether it's because the ball fits them or because they just want to use the same ball as their favorite pro.

    I could use Pro V1X balls, but it would just be a waste of money for me because I can't do with a golf ball what I could 30 years ago.

  4. Don O

    My first NXTs came as a door prize. I had a supply of other things I was using, but the one thing I noticed was they stayed in bounds better. It wasn't real obivous since I don't lose a lot of balls, but it was more than coincidental that I might not replace any balls with the NXT. e5 and ProVs tended to be in the 2 balls a round range. I only occasionaly got a ProV to check more than any other ball. That might make a difference of 1-2 strokes a round. 2 more lost balls is 4 stokes per round.

    Now I only have to decide between Velocity, NXT Tour, and NXT Tour-S to replace my current supply of NXT. I've got about 18 left and that may last me well into the summer. I may go with optic so that may even change that choice. No question, if it helps your short game, the ProV1/-X is worth the price for a 3-4 shot improvement. In my case, playing a more expensive ball for a higher score doesn't work. Fortunately, Titleist allows golfers of all ability access to equipment for their game.

  5. P Ford

    I play the Prov1x because I get 2-3 yards farther than the pro v1 (which i dont care about), but it also provides less spin on long shots which is really important for me because my misses tend to fade and i can greatly reduce the amount of fade with the pro v1x. Also, off the tee the pro v1x spins less so i hit more fairways consistanty meaning i shoot lower scores more consistently. And being an 11 handicap my goal is to break 80 so that was the deciding factor between the two. Just thought I'd share my opinio.

  6. Jim R

    I play NXT Tour golf balls. I am an 8 handicap and I like this ball because it is durable and does just what I want around the greens and off the tee. I don't want too much spin because I don't handle it very well at this point in my golf game. It will stop on the green, but not spin too harshly if I miss-hit it off the tee.

  7. Hammer

    In tournaments or when im trying to shoot a score i will play proVx, less spin off the driver, longer, and perfect control aroubd greens. But I have never bought a golf ball in my life. As a caddie, i play whatver i find in the woods or creeks, which most of th members will play regular proV. But for any fun round, i will play proV, proVx, Penta TP5, callaway HEX black, or ZStarX
  8. James B

    Prov1x for me :-)
  9. Dennis M

    James - For the sake of helping the original poster, why do you play the Pro V ? He's trying to make a decision what to play and with no information as to why such and such suits us better, it's no help to him.

  10. John T

    DT SoLo - I'm a 9 handicap and a very high spin player. FOund the old NXT Tour to be perfect, but the recent changes in the new ball performance drove me back to the DT SoLo - it is outstanding. Play very hard fairways in NM and really like the straight flight and distance. Spin is acceptable and need the added hop anyway. Putts like the NXT Tour anyway, so why not save a couple bucks for the 19th hole?
  11. JPHB

    I play the Pro V1.  I have tried the Penta and also the new 20XI, which I did not like at all.

  12. CrazyGolfNut

    I started playing HX Chrome because a friend gave me a sleeve to try out.  Use to play NXT Tour at one time.  I have a slower swing speed (90 mpg) and cant figure out if I should play the ProV1 or ProV1x. 

  13. Mark M

    I play the ProV1 golf ball because I absolutely HATE when perfect shots do not hold onto a green. With a ProV1 ball, the complaints have referred to long shots being inconsistent. However, this does not bother me because my drives (for the most part) go very straight. All in all, the lack of distance is worth it with the spin around the greens, and the durability is excellent.

  14. Dennis M

    That's interesting. I haven't heard anyone mention the Pro V1 being short or inconsistent off the tee.

  15. Robert G

    The Pro V1 is a superior golf ball. I am 74 with a 8 handicap at Oakcreek C.C., in Sedona Az. I have tried other balls and there is no comparison. Also play AP,s

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