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greg g

How many folks are using the DT Solo golf balls?  I've used the Pro v1 and now the last 4 years the Pro v1x but on occassion I've grabbed a sleave of Solo golf balls.   I've always scored better with these balls but no matter what I'm told the v1x is the ball for me.  My club head speed for the driver is around 125mph and I can normally hit my drives in the 280 - 300 range.  With the solo I see no difference in distance but more in my accuracy. 

My total game appears more consistant. 



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  1. John L

    A few weeks ago I was playing my normal Pro v1x , but on 2 shots Provisional tee shots, I played a DT SOLO It seemed longer ,  and down the middle. Have been playing SOLOs for about 2 weeks now , they seem longer, more accurate, and have great feel putting and around the green.  If this gets out, the price just may go up.

  2. Don O

    I must be better at side spin than back spin, I could use a ProV as far as the spin off of my 6I according to the monitor, but NXT was always better at being in the fairway for both driver and long clubs.  When my current supply of NXT runs out, I'll probably look at DT Solo and Velocity and the final decision will likely be how each feels on striking.

  3. Vincent M

    I play the Dt SoLo and the Pinnacle Women on the advice of a golf ball manager in a chain store who is a golfer. I asked for a soft ball close to my Wound DT 90s and he recommended these two since I wanted an American made ball.

    The Pinnacle feels harder than the SoLo. The SoLo feels good but not as soft as a Wound 90. I can't see a big difference in playing all three balls except with a full sand wedge or full pitch or gap wedge. The Wound 90 still stops shorter with more spin but I can slice all three beautifully with my persimmon three wood.

    I can't remember the post but Titleist did post articles about the different ball  models. The way I loose balls I'm sticking with the SoLo and the Pinnacle Women for the tee shot and save the wound 90s for my approach shots and putting. I know that it's not legal but I don't keep score.

  4. Vincent M

    Here is one of the posts that I mentioned. The Dt SoLo has the least spin of all the models so if you fight a curving ball like I do then the SoLo will perform better for you.

    Pro V1 & Pro V1x Spin Rates

  5. Geoffrey B

    I use them occasionally. their great 

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