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New Titleist Durability

Ken H

I have everything in my bag Titleist and I mean everything.  I have been playing Titleist golf balls since 1972 when I became good enough to play the balata.  Needless to say the evolution of the golf ball has been quite a treat.

I am most disappointed in the new ProV1x.  It has serious durability issues and I am sure Titleist knows this.  You state it has a new and more durable cover which is obviously a misspeak on your PR department's part.  I can't comment on the ProV1 because I have never played them for any length of time.  If I had to play a game for my life it would be a ProV1x but needless to say it would not look good after a few holes.  My equipment is all current and meets the rules of golf with no square grooves or anything that creates excessive spin.  The ball is "off white" by the back side and gets progressively worse.  I have had some friends who do not share the dedication to Titleist I do and are playing other balls just because of the wear.

Obviously my point is I think I speak for the majority of golfers who play Titleist...fix the problem in the next generation ball or I think you bottom line will suffer.

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