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Do you play the same ball for practice rounds as you would for comps?

titleist fan 1

Hi, i'm 14 play off 0 and my question is that do you play the same ball for practice rounds as you do for comps? I play the pro v1x for comps and normal rounds because i find the consistency levels are better if you are like me and play the same ball all of the time why and what ball is it? If you don't and maybe play a better ball for comps and a other ball for normal rounds why and what are them 2 golf balls that you use?

Please post your answers and thank you for doing that :-)

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  1. Christian J

    I perfer to play the same ball all the time, and I play the Pro V1.  For practice I just purchase the refurbished golf balls because they are cheaper and play just the same as a normal one IMO.  For normal competitions though I do play the newer ones.  Honestly I say practice with the same ball you play.   Then you know exactly how the ball will performduring your competitive rounds.

  2. Cody D

    I play the pro v1x. I prefer to practice with the same ball as well as play the same ball during a round. I will actually buy the x outs to practice with and play the newer balls on the course.

  3. acmcgaha

    Same ball - ProV1X.  It took hours of looking, but I was able to find enough ProV1X "PRACTICE" balls to fill my shag (Titleist of course) bag.

  4. Carlo Angelo

    I couldn't agree more with Christian on this.  You should only play with one brand and kind of golf ball, whether you are practicing or playing in a tournament.  You will definitely be familiar with the performance of the ball but will also be confident when using it. One doesn't practice with an old set of clubs then play with new ones during competition.

    We are not as pampered like the pros, supplied with new golf balls every tournaments, being provided with "brand specific" range balls.  The most we could do is use second hand balls that are the same kind as the one we normally use.

    Good luck and happy golfing.


  5. Deno

    Same here,  New balls for comp and the same model ball, although used , xxxouts, for practice rounds.   Then the feel and spin is consistant.  

    All the best


  6. NavyLD12

    I always play the ProV1x. I feel that changing you golf ball creates an inconsitent feel and performance. I never thought about using reloads or X-outs though for practice

  7. ToddL

    I play the same ball all the time.  The only time I would change is if it is too cold - them I would play a different compression.

  8. Bill W

    Winter time, I play a low compression, high flight ball.  Used to love to play a lady ball in the winter. Does Titleist even make a ball like that?

  9. titleist fan 1

    ok everyone we all seem fairly unanimous on that i will keep this discussion open but may open up a new one called winter golf balls but thanks everyone for a reply and bill titeist doesn't make lady golf balls they class all there balls as universal for everyone no matter of swing speed, handicap or gender hope this helps and thanks again  

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