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What ball to use

Darren L

I shoot in about the low 90's, left handed golfer and average driver club head speed is between 101-103 mph sometimes 105-107 mph. My question as good as the proV1-x is, will I get the max performance like the pros or should I try the NXT tour ? Thanks...

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  1. titleist fan 1

    Swing speed isn't important i play the pro v1x and a 0 handicapped player at 14 years old and i am not a fast swing 250 yards off the tee with 92mph swing speed  for you i would say the pro v1 would be a good fit because it will have a lot of spin and with what you shoot it can off-en come in handy however if you more spin try the pro v1x but definitely one of the pro vs unless you tend to lose a few.

  2. Don O

    I agree with Kris.  I modify the Titleist ball fitting recommendation a little.  My dividing line is if you don't get enough spin to get the ProV's to check up on your short game (consistently) but you get frequent enough side spin on your long clubs, then you can improve your score more with a ball like Velocity or DT Solo by not taking as many penalty drops.  If your home course has wide fairways it may not make much difference, but on my two courses, 27 of the 36 holes have narrow roughs into wood or marsh OOB.  10 yards off the fairway matters.

    That's the 2 sides to look at your game and your ball.  I'm not close to a single digit handicap, but will be going back to DT Solo to cut my losses.  Not just the cost of the ball, but penalty strokes.

  3. titleist fan 1

    That's true don i also play 2 courses there both parkland but ones links links and the other is true parkland they both suit me well but the links like couse has very norrow fairways and 4 inches thick rough only about 5 yards of the fairway so i used to play a different ball on that course, the nxt exterme because of low spin and low cost but now i'm a lot better and can play my pro v1x on  both courses without losing them and i've been told off because im using the same pro v1x as i have for the last 7 weeks and i play every single day so you can guess the state of that ball i'll put it in the shag bag now i recon.

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