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considering switching? don't


hey fellow team Titleist members,

Just a friendly opinion - if you happen to be thinking of switching to another brand of golf ball, I would highly recommend saving time and money and just sticking with Titleist.  I bring this up as I have tried several of the major ball manufacturers products over the past two seasons, and none of them measure up to the ProV1 or the ProV1X.  They're fine, and I actually shot some very nice scores with other brands, but after a few rounds I noticed that the quality was just not as high, and I longed for my trusty ProV1.

I know this may come off as an ad for Titleist, but it's really just my humble opinion, and I guess if you're on this Forum, you know what I'm talking about!  Go Titleist!

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  1. Christian J

    I have also found that all of Titleist golf balls do last longer than any other brand that l I have played.  However I use to play the PD soft, which by the way is the only other ball I would play, does last longer than the other brands I have tried.

  2. Carlo Angelo

    PROV1X for me... promised myself last year not to use another kind of ball.  Coincidentally, I find myself playing good with brand new Prov1x's.  If I try to use some second hands, I tend to loose it easier.

    But I have to make a confession, few years back I played with a different brand and shot my best round ever (+1).  I sticked with that ball until they discontinued it.  Which only made my decision easier to go back to ProV1x.  My closest best round has been a couple of 76's.

    More power Titleist!


  3. JPHB

    Hey Carlo,

    Great great golf man - right on!!  

    Last season I had my best round with a different ball (79), but since then I've gone lower with the ProV1 (77), and I hope to match that, or better it this season.  Over the last two years I've had 3 rounds in the 70s, so I feel I'm on the cusp of becoming a single digit handicapper - hopefully soon, been practicing hard.



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