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New Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls 2013

Ryan M

Do any of you guys know if there will be new Pro v1 models for 2013?



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  1. stuart c

    I hear that there are new versions being tested on tour.  Any chance Team Titleist members will get a white box with some testers to report back on like  two years ago? I am ready and willing...

  2. Bill P

    It would be sweet to have a chance to try out a newer version of the ProV1.....I received a sleeve of the TEST balls the last time, and it was interesting and fun to use them and report back on the differences between the test balls and my regular ProV's.....

  3. James B

    I play the ProV1x and I did get a chance to test some last time.  I go to the course on a slow day and play two balls (one old and one new) on a par 3, 4 & 5 to see how they comapre

  4. Stetson F

    This process sounds like a good time, I'd love to volunteer.  Around here the courses slow down quite a bit in October as people turn their attention to football, and I'd have all the freedom needed to test thoroughly.  Just saying

  5. eagle3

    I had the opportunity to test balls 2 years ago and found the experience very rewarding. Would like the opportunity to again test them against several other brands that were given to me jsut for comparison. I regularly play the ProV1x here in Iowa and the ProV1 when down in Texas for the Winter. I just tested the ProV1x against the Tour iS and found that I lost 10 to 15 yds on drives and control on green shots was not as good either with the Tour iS ball. (received the Tour iS from family member for Fathers Day )

  6. Matt T

    I have always wanted the opportunity to test new proV's. I think it would be great to be able to test it against your regular proV and compare the two side by side.

  7. a w

    i have never had the opportunity to test the new ball's but i would love to play the prov1x love it can work it and do what i want with it I know it will go where i want it to every time and would love the chance to try the new ones

  8. Kyle

    I actually just received a test sleeve in the mail today. Looks to be a prototype Pro V1. Not sure how they can make the best even better, but i'll find out here soon. I thought the 2011 Pro V1 and Pro V1x were pretty darn good in terms of all around performance. Maybe this one will be even better...

  9. Don T

    Just got my test sleeve of my test Pro V1 balls in the mail today! Testing later this weekend!!!

  10. David A

    Mine just came in today. Pumped!

  11. Hotsauce

    Nice Don.  You'll have to give us a write up about your findings.  I'm glad to see them go back to the old AIM marker

  12. Ari M

    Cool, I would love to test the new balls out. Can't wait to hear how they perform.

  13. John C

    Don T

    Just got my test sleeve of my test Pro V1 balls in the mail today! Testing later this weekend!!!

    Received the X today. Took way too long for my game to come around this year, but it finally did. I'll give them a whirl this week or next. Wasn't expecting them again, but I guess I rambled enough in the last review for another try at it. Thanks Team Titleiest.

  14. Eric V

    I just received mine as well. Looking forward to comparing them to the current Pro V1x!

  15. scott a

    I just got a great surprise in the mail myself:). Ok, maybe a dumb question, but how do I know what I'm testing? It does not say which ball it is. I play the 2012 Pro V1 X., which is what I'll be testing these guys against shortly. Very cool!!



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