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practice balls

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  i play with nxt tour balls on a regular basis so im looking to buy the same for practice but cant seem to find

 any , all i keep seeing is prov1 or prov1x practice balls . any advice where i can get some please. i dont want 

 to pay top dollar for practicing as im sure you can understand.

  many thanks

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  1. greg p

    TGW has them for $30 a dozen.  But, why not buy some of recycled water balls that available?  They are much cheaper and pretty good quality.

  2. Christian J

    I'm sure they make some practice ones somewhere.  However a great alternative is go to and buy there 3 star ones, they have great low prices on every make of golf ball.  I have boughten some from them before and can garunteee you they are authentic.

  3. Carlo Angelo

    How about saving the balls that you have used in a round, I assume that you use new balls every round.  How often do you change balls in a round?  Just collect your used ones and that will be your practice balls.  You don't have to spend for practice balls and you can save up on purchasing new ones.

    Happy golfing.


  4. Pete D

    Check eBay. I bought some practice balls on there a few years ago. I bought 40-50 balls and ended up with about 30% "Professional", which I have slowly replaced with scuffed Prov1's.

    Some people may wonder why I want to practice with Prov1s. I find it best to practice chipping & pitching with the same ball I play with, so they spin the same.

    Practicing chipping with rock-flite range balls is nearly a complete waste of time.


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