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NXT, Velocity - Slice

Jon B

I have played the NXT for years.  It was recomended to me to help control slicing, and it worked great for me.  With the elimination of the NXT, is the Velocity the ball you would now recomend?

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Jon B

    I have played the NXT for years.  It was recomended to me to help control slicing, and it worked great for me.  With the elimination of the NXT, is the Velocity the ball you would now recomend?

    Hi Jon,

    I would take a look at the NXT Tour, NXT Tour S and Velocity as potential options - but don't rule out Pro V1 or Pro V1x. Make sure you also check out our golf ball fitting section for a lot of great information around the selection process. 

    Keep in mind, your best bet is to go through an on-course evaluation to make sure you are taking into consideration all shots in your bag when finding the best Titleist golf ball for your game. You might be surprised with the results.

    Here is a link to our golf ball fitting section:

    It's a great resource as well.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    - Mike 

  2. Jon B

    I have played the Tour balls, but preferred the two-piece NXT.  I really liked (and still like) the NXT.  I really prefer the confidence of a straighter shot off the tee.  I've tried some other brands, but keep coming back to the NXT.  Would you say, then, that the Velocity is the closest ball now to the NXT?

  3. Don O

    Still comes down to your game.  Depending on how well you can control side spin by your striking depends on how well you can do with Velocity or DT-Solo versus an NXT Tour - Tour/S or the Pro V's.  If you can improve your short game and not start playing from the rough or a drop from out of bounds, then NXT Tour or ProV will improve your game.

    My slices are much fewer this year (3rd year of golfing), so I can work more on feel around the green and maybe generate enough spin with a Pro V to have it check better than with a Surelyn covered 2 piece ball.  Previously, the urethane balls would just fly faster and deeper into the woods.  Good luck with your game.  Likewise, I would pull out a trusty sleeve of NXTs when I would be getting into the deep too often to salvage a double boogie with 2 OOB ball drops on a par 5.  Down to my last 5 treasured NXTs.

  4. Christian J

    I know these aren't new golf balls, but has reat deals on the NXT.  I as well loved the NXT's and was bummed when they stopped making them.  I tried out the RBZ (going through a TM obsession) and they compared very well to them.  Finally though I came back to Titleist and now play the ProV1.  I was always told they were meant for the better golfers, but I, a 12 handicap, have no troublee getting around the course with these.  Love the short game feel, and surprisingly straighter and farther drives.

  5. John W

    I am a geezer, played long time (50 +) as outside in slicer.  My ball was NXT Extreme.  Been searching for replacement.

    I prefer yellow.  I have tried DT Solo and the new tour-S.  Also some non Titleist balls.  None fit my game and lack of good eye sight.  Finally bought a dozen Velocity, because I could not find the yellow ball that was close to NXT perforance. 

    The Velocity was very good to me with my slow clubhead speed and slice.  Very good distance and I kept it in the short grass.

    Titleist folks:  Please do the Velocity in yellow.

  6. Don O

    I wonder what the market is for optic yellow balls.  One brand smiles when asked how much they sell in yellow, as if, "...if you only knew how many we do sell".  No one else has the number of dual colors like they do.  The tire company doesn't do every line for sure.  For the same reason, I'm sure Titleist won't reveal much - but what they market will be telling. 

    In any event, starting out by being LH, at least Titleist has club options.  Putters, not so much, and of course not a performance optic yellow.  At least for now, I have a good supply of 3 piece optic yellow balls waiting to see what Titleist does next.  Can't really complain, TM and Clvlnd don't have a full selection of clubs for me, and TM doesn't have an optic yellow. 

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