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What Ball should my son be using

rob b

My son is not sure what kind of ball to be using.

He is 18

Left handed

Drivers the ball over 360

Club head speed is 125

Ball speed 191

Whats is a good ball for him?





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  1. John L


  2. Tom S.

    WOW!! Smashes the ball!Really long! 1X should work nice for him.

  3. Nate S

    I think that that is a feel issue because both balls go about the same distance so it should be based on whether he wants more spin or less spin. Prov1 is more and Prov1x is less.

  4. Quintin H

    He should determine which ball to use by which ball works best for his short game, then buy/adjust clubs to fit.

  5. Christian J

    Drives over 360??  Wow..  Definitely the Pro V1x with that ball speed.

  6. Deno

    Great numbers.   I would match his stats up with a Titelist Tour Pro and see what they are playing.   Not only using driving distance and swing speed as a benchmark.  As Titleist Ball Fitters suggest, testing from green to tee.    The choice is determined on feel around the green and spin.  Good Luck


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