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New Titleist Golf Balls

Mark H

I feel just like one of the tour pros thanks to a surprise package that arrived in my mailbox today! They like to see white boxes in their tour locker and I like to see a white box in the mail. Looking forward to taking my test balls to the course tomorrow for a late fall round. Thanks Team Titleist for the opportunity to join in the action.

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  1. Jim L

    I got a delivery yesterday as well.  Unfortunately, I'm on the road the next two weeks and won't get to play for a while.  Looking forward to comparing to the Pro V1 that is use (and some occasional HEX Tour's)      

  2. dustin t

    I found a little white box in my mail on Friday . Took the balls out for the test drive yesterday, will be filling out the Survey later. Thanks to Titleist for letting me be involved and if theres anything else you'd like to put in my mailbox, please feel free to do so.  

  3. Hotsauce

    I arrived to a surprise package as well.  I'm going to try to "observe" Columbs day so I can give them a try

  4. Jake S

    I also received these balls in the mail. Had them out on the course these last two days and loved it, it felt pretty cool knowing I was testing new Titleist balls! Thank you Titleist for this opportunity! 

  5. Geoffrey B

    Cool story, Mark! I just received mine in the mail today and am also pretty excited. THANKS TEAM TITLEIST!

  6. Andrew A

    Nice!  Congratulations guys!!  Very jealous!! 

  7. Joe L

    How did you get picked to test the golf balls.  I live in florida and have lots of nice weather to test them in.  Send some out and i'll give my feedback also




  8. Carlo Angelo

    Happy golfing.

    I just finished mine... It was sweet. Unfortunately I lost one  when I over shot the green at 240yds (downwind) with my 19* 910H (my usual distance with it is 220 max).

  9. Carlo Angelo

    I guess since the cat is already out of the bag... I am one of the lucky ones to have received the little white box in the mail too.  I just came back from testing it in my local golf course.  Compared the prototype balls with the 2012 ProV1x.  Overall, the prototype performed better.  I noticed a less side spin and lower trajectory with the driver. More spin with the wedges on <60 yds and around the green.  When chipping, the prototype reacts faster when hit.

    Made a couple of surprising shots with the new ball.  And my mishits were more manageable.

    Looking forward to be a part of this again net time.

  10. jleford23

    How did I get prototype ball sent to me?

    I got them a couple of years ago and forgot.

  11. Tommy M

    How did you get a test sample? I'm just curious.

  12. David M

    I also found my little white box and took them to the course today. A very nice ball. I think it played very much like a pro v-1.

    I put it on a cart path (white rock path) twice and was still able to keep it in play. It also did not scuff up when I used my wedges

    on it. Titleist has improved them again. Thanks Titleist

  13. Deno

    I'll be testing my ProV1x's tomorrow.  Can't wait.  Thanks Team Titleist Staff. 


  14. jleford23

    I can't remember. I was hoping you could tell me.

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