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How Can I Get A Sleeve of The Testing Pro v1's/ Pro v1x's Sent To Me?????

Devin F

Hello Team Titleist I would absolutly love to receive a sleeve of the new prov1's/prov1x's in the mail so that I can test them and give some great feedback and experience information for Titleist. Please let me know how I can do this and sign up for a test sleeve!!!!    Thankyou TT, Devin Foster

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  1. Chris Hatem

    Hi TT!

    I have been playing the ProV1 through High School and College Golf.  I have also been a member of TT as long as I can remember it has existed.  I want to be included on the mailing list!   I'm sure many others feel the same way.  We deserve the Test Sleeve too!  We won't let you down Titleist.


  2. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the posts and interest in participating in the test panel.

    We make every effort to include as many Team Titleist members as possible but as you can imagine, we can't include everyone in every test panel.  

    As for the selection process, all Team Titleist members are considered when we have opportunities like this but the final selection will vary depending on the test panel.  

    Also, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these Team Titleist rewards.

    And just to clarify, the golf balls that were sent out as part of the product test panel are part of our ongoing golf ball R&D process and are just test golf balls.  We are constantly developing prototype golf balls and through the evaluation process we review the feedback we receive to continue along the R&D path. 

    Thanks again for being a part of Team Titleist.



  3. Curt M

    Hi    I received a sleeve of prototype balls   but I cannot get to the suvey link to participate   I have played one round so far but ned another one to finish the evaluation    what is the time frame   and some help getting to the site would be appreciated thanks


  4. Devin F

    thank you mike for the information... So to try to qualify next time I should just keep activly commenting and help posting discussions on the blog for TT???

  5. Devin F

    Thanks so much for the info Mike.  So when will the next testing thing be?? And how do i exactly qualify again??


  6. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Devin F

    thank you mike for the information... So to try to qualify next time I should just keep activly commenting and help posting discussions on the blog for TT???

    Hi Devin,

    No problem at all. Happy to help. The R&D team hasn't provided us with any details around when the next test panel will launch but we will have more opportunities in the future.

    As for participation on the site, that is not the only factor in the selection process but the more you post and comment on Team Titleist the better your chances are to participate in some of our exclusive opportunities.

    Thanks again,

  7. AJF

    Mike.  Thanks for the test balls.  Once I finished hitting them I passed them onto a buddy for our next round. He is a 20XI and Ping iron players and generally anti Titleist due to his "overpriced" thoughts.  Well I had great pleasure in watching him hit 10 yards further off the tee with less side spin,  great control on mid irons and wedges and then putt like a man possessed due to watch he said was "awesome feel".  The best part of the round was to then have him admit the titleist ball is without doubt a better ball than the 20XI ( I was always doubtful about this ball considering TW still plays the Tour D) and then watch him spend money in the pro shop to buy a dozen V1x.    Finally I have something Titleist in his bag.  As a 2 handicapper I can only imagine how good this guy could be if he would try the MB's.   I'll work on this next!!!   

  8. David H

    Mike - I received a sleeve but have lost the link to the survey.  Can you send me the link?



  9. Bert B


    I'm a Team Titleist Ball tester    tested the NXT Tour  and the Velocity     like to give my Favorite PRO-V a test

    Count me in  if they are  looking for test  and  reviews

    Thanks,  Bert

  10. Bert B


    I play several times a month  with Titleist balls only.  My favorite ball of all time the  NXT

    Velocity is close  but not exactly the same  but a very good ball

    NXT S  and NXT Tour  make me miss the old NXT  even more  

    From a marketing view    I can see Titleist bring back the old NXT  in the same box   

    for senior players and players with swing speeds around 90 and below  the old NXT was great 

    Seniors may not be able to afford PRO-V's @ $50 a dozen    and with millions of baby boomers retiring   huge market for slower swing speed players    and no ball putts better than the old NXT

    Just my view point,   Bert

  11. Ryan B.

    How can I get a sleeve of the knew pro v1  golf balls to test 

  12. drtaylorwright


    Would love to try the new Prov1-x.  I've been going back and forth for a long time between the Prov 1 and Prov 1x and finally have to concede that my scores are better with the prov 1x. Can't wait for the new golf balls to come out!

  13. jim h

    just got my "test" balls. i'll be out this weekend to give them a workout

  14. Mario C

    Hello I also received a sleeve of prototype s3 prototype 1 balls and I cannot get to the survey link to participate. I would like to take the survey and help getting on the site. Help.

    Thank you

  15. Chris C

    I received a sleeve of the black number Titleist this week. First drive felt great. Nice soft Kapow!  I played 18 holes with it and it loses the soft feel around the 12 hole.  The ball still looks good after 18, and will certainly play another 9 with it.  Cover seems more durable than any Titleist Pro V.  30-50 yd. pitches w/(60') rolled out about the same, but I was short sided most of the day.  This was due to several balls landing in the center of the green, and skipping long.  These were downwind shots and the ball was longer than expected.  Once I figured the distance, the back nine was fun.  I like this ball because it's longer off the tee.  My buds are longer by 30+ yds,  my game is 150 yds and in.  This ball appears straighter off the tee and with hybrids, although I did not try to work it left and right.  Most of the day I concentrated long & short.  I'd play this ball in a heart beat.

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