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nxt tour balls

Randy K

I just played a round with a Titleist vg3, rep said it compares to the nxt tour. I was 1 over for 9 holes, my best to date. My point is I hit it straighter [less trouble of the tee] and still was able to hold the greens. Just wondering if others would score better too by not using a urethane covered ball. Are we fooling ourselves thinking we can control urethane balls like the pros? Randy

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  1. greg p

    Randy, you're probably right.  I'm sure there are some that don't mind paying extra for the capability of a ProV even though their normal games cannot benefit from the full capability.  Most people here, though, are fairly well educated on ball performance and therefore can match ball performance to their games.  At the very least, they can gather the info necessary to do so.

    I most often play the NXT Tour. but will switch to the ProV when my game is on.  If I'm hitting it fat or thin, it doesn't matter what ball I play because spin performance won't matter.

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