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Prototype Survey

Donald D Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Just wanted to let all TT members that have trouble filling out the prototype survey.When entering the survey website,use lower case lettering for titleist prototype and you should be able to access the website....

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  1. Deno

    Thanks for the info Donald.


  2. Michael P

    I completed the survey, but it never asked me to login with my username and password.  I really enjoy being a part of the surveys and receiving these prototypes, so hopefully because it never asked me to login I won't be excluded from future tests?

  3. Micheal L

    Having the same problem

  4. Lefty MJ

    same here..completed the survey

  5. jim T

    how do you get to the website? I lost my instructions, but want to fill out the survey.


  6. Chris M

    A couple questions...

    1. Are we going to be told what ball we were testing? and

    2. I am having the same "issue" as all others, I completed the survey and didn't have to login to do it.

  7. Keith F

    I want to know why i was skipped this time for testing? 

  8. Jim V

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I completed the survey but it never asked me to login. Thanks for the balls to test out and try.

    Jim VanBoven

  9. Frank M

    Sorry I lost the website for the new prototype balls. What is it. I love the balls.

  10. Jeremy Y

    Me too...survey completed, but didn't have to login.

  11. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Thanks for all of the posts, questions and comments - they are greatly appreciated. Because there are some repeat questions above, I figured I would try to answer everything in this update. So here we go...

    1) I can't find the survey links.

    If your prototype golf balls had black numbers, please use the following link:

    If your prototype golf balls had red numbers, please use the following link:

    Please do not take the survey until after you've had a chance to test the golf balls.  

    2) The survey didn't ask me for my email address and didn't require me to log in.

    There was a misprint in some of the instructions that accompanied the test golf balls that indicated you would need your username and password. This is not the case. The survey should be accessible without any log in requirements.

    3) What golf ball am I testing?

    The golf balls that were sent out as part of the product test panel were part of our ongoing golf ball R&D process and were just test golf balls.  As you can imagine, we are constantly developing prototype golf balls and through the evaluation process we review the feedback we receive to continue along the R&D path. 

    4) How do I get selected? Or why wasn't I selected this time around?

    We make every effort to include as many Team Titleist members as possible in these opportunities, but as you can imagine, we unfortunately are not able to include everyone in every test panel.  

    As for the selection process, all Team Titleist members are considered when we have opportunities like this but the final selection will vary depending on the test panel.  

    Also, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these Team Titleist opportunities.

    I hope this helps clear things up for everyone. Thanks again!

  12. Allen

    Thanks, Mike D.!

    I had no problem accessing the website and completing the survey. Thanks for clearing up the TT member username and password misprint.

    Chub Hodges

  13. Brad M



    Thanks for the opportunity to field test another great product from Titleist. Keep up the good work.

  14. Joe R

    I loved the balls too. Played on a cool wet day and the ball performed great, soft, great control and stopped on the dime.

  15. Michael B

    Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to test out they prototype golf balls.

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