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New boxes and more

titleist fan 1

Hey team titleist, just wondering what the new boxes are for the 2013 pro v1/v1x golf balls, i have been a avid user of the pro v1x for 9 months now and being 14 playing off 2.2 i am just curious to find out what the new boxes are, also i am wondering when the release date for the new balls are as i play every day and have 1 dozen and 2 sleeves of pro v1x's left and wouldn't want to purchase any more until the new ones come out, my final question is how durable are new balls (Pro v1x's) because i am a low handicap and don't lose hardly any however i will easy get through a ball a round by scuffing at best sometimes 2 and that adds up to a lot of cash spent on golf balls even more so when they are £45 a dozen (Sorry i am from the UK) and i play every day in fact with about 360+ golf balls scuffed every year, i don't want to sacrifice performance though so i will play pro v1x's but please make them more durable otherwise its a move to Z star XV.

Recap of questions.

1. What are the new boxes for the pro v1/v1x balls?

2. Release date of pro v1/v1x balls?

3. How durable are the new balls?

Thanks team titleist reading (sorry to carry on to much)

Kris F

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  1. Christian J

    I don't think that they have set a release date for the new golf balls yet.  However, I secound your opinion on them needing to be more durable.  It's sad that we spend nearly $50 for a dozen golf balls whose covers get ripped up more than any other brand.  Don't worry though.  Through reading the posts of those who have tested the golf balls, they have said that they are more durable than the previous model.  Lets just hope they are true!

  2. titleist fan 1

    Cheers christian, do you no what the new boxes are (i'm just nosey) because i have heard they are a lot different from the current (colours ect.) so that will be intresting to find out but thanks for the reply anyway

  3. Christian J

    I haven't heard, and don't think that they have released anything regarding the boxes.  I get most of my information from reading all the posts and hanging around the website, but I havent seen anything about the boxes.  I would imagine sometime around the beginning of next year such as late December to early February.  That is when they relesed the new ones last year.  Expect us to be the first ones to know though because, Titleist usually tells their loyal TT customers about everything a little beforehand.

  4. Breks19


    I was fortunate enough to receive a box of the 2013 Pro V1X balls for testing and am happy to tell you they have held up to my wedges and low irons much better than the previous models have. Also in talking to my Titleist  rep I was told that the boxes have not even been designed yet because that is the last thing they do before releasing a new ball. Look for them to have a release date somewhere between February and April depending on how testing goes.


  5. Akbar R

    Guys I just got a sleeve of titleist test balls

    Have tee time for Friday,will post my results 

    Hope course dries out 

  6. titleist fan 1


    thanks for the reply i have also had the chance to test the 2013 pro v1x balls (red numbers) and i found simlar results, much more spin around the greens (Good) and more spin into the green (Bad because i am a fairly high spin player) and less spin with driver (Good) also a lower flight (Good) also a solid feel (Good), and finally twice times as durable 1 ball lasted me the entire round (Good). These tick 9 boxes out of 10 (Only the spin into greens but they are very soft at the moment with all the rain over here in the UK) in 2013/14 season they are my new ball and hopefully i can get to a high level as i have just been cut down to 1.4 from 2.2 and i'm only 14 years of age and that was with only my 2nd time with the test ball as i usally play the 2011 PRO V1X all in all the my favorite golf ball so far.


  7. mike k

    yes, they do need to make them more durable 

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