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Pro V1x in yellow?

Valerie S

Other manufacturers make their top tier balls in yellow, but I've wondered why Titleist doesn't. Is there a stigma about yellow being less professional? I go between a Pro V1x and a Black but played a Z Star XV and really liked the color. It stood out more amongst the leaves and was easy to see my ball in the group I was playing with.

Any idea why no yellow?

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  1. Christian J

    We had a discussion on here not to long ago regarding the same topic.  At first I was against the thought of the optic yellow because, like you stated, I thought it was unprofessional.  However, after playing the past two weekends at my poorly maintained golf course, where leaves are everywhere, I am for the production of an optic yellow golf ball.  The only thing is, in the past discussion Mike came in and said that they didn't have any plans in making them in that color.  Bummer.  I would continue to play the white one during the spring and summer months, but like now when the leaves are down, I would much rather have a colored one.

  2. Gary D

    I also like the yellow color because its just easier to see.  All the talk about it being "unprofessional" is a joke.  Titleist offers yellow balls in all the other models, except the ProV.   Why ?    Hope Titleist comes out with a ProV in yellow, I'll be the first in line to buy.

  3. Patrick M

    I've had an eye condition since childhood that makes playing a yellow ball a must.  For some time I played the NXT Tour S, but have recently switched to the yellow DT SoLo now that the weather is cooler.  The "lower compression in cold weather" argument may be a myth, but I'm finding that particularly my driving distance had gone up.  However, there's no doubt that I'd play a yellow Pro V1 if it were availabe -not for snob appeal, but because Titleist and several Tours full of pros make a compelling case for its being the best ball to play.  Please, Titleist, consider a "blind Hog" - yes, I do live in Whoooo, Pig. Sooie Arkansas - and reconsider your stance on a yellow Pro V1.

  4. Wade C

    This was given as an option in the original discussion thread.  I haven't tried it yet but am planning to on my shagbag balls.



  5. Quintin H

    First I heard that an other than white ball is for a lower grade golfer. I thought it was just a matter of preference.

    I heard the yellow is easier to see in green/brown/yellow grass and fall colored leaves, I didn't find this to be true for me.

    However I found a yellow ball easier to see on its downward flight in places that I lose sight of a white ball.  I'll stick with white, much easier for me to find on the ground.

  6. Christian J

    No, I said a lower grade ball.

  7. Enzo Z

    Well folks, as we get older you can do more stretching and exercise to maintain club head speed but what do you do about age related

     vision loss? Each year there will be a larger market for yellow balls, other manufactures have realized this fact and unless everyone

    at Titleist are all under the age of thirty, we should have yellow a Pro V1 very soon. 

  8. ed r

    As I have aged, my eyesight makes it difficult to pick up the flight of the ball down range.  Yellow balls make it better but I'm not giving up away my ProV1...just have to work on hitting it straighter.  However, if the ProV1 ever comes out yellow, count me in!

  9. Don O

    Back in the day.....

    When tour grade balls were not supposed to work well at head speeds under 100, a white ball only made sense.

    It is getting harder to not have an optic color if swing speeds under 95 can benefit from the use of the ball.  As us boomers slide past 60 in great numbers, there has to be a market for ProV users now looking at yellow balls for days when not playing with younger players to follow the white ball for them.

  10. Todd T

    I'm game for a yellow or orange Pro V1, why not try a test run!

  11. Marc M

    I too love the PV 1x but I am pushing 70 and have found that yellow balls 

  12. Marc M

    Gary D......I will be the second in line. Over 50 yrs of buying Titleist golf balls from club specials to PV1's I have put my dues in.Among us old f...ts there has to be a market.

  13. josh w

    i will tell you that if they came out with the Pro V1x in yellow as well as in white i will stick to white. with that being said i think that the yellow ball has a small market of buyers so that is why they havent came out with it yet.

  14. guy s

    I agree with u that there is a very small
    Market for a yellow pro v . Doubt u will see 
    One . They already have a yellow 
    Nxt ball which fits more of the masses 

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    i will tell you that if they came out with the Pro V1x in yellow as well as in white i will stick to white. with that being said i think that the yellow ball has a small market of buyers so that is why they havent came out with it yet.

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  15. Ron S

    I know everyone has their preference on White or High Optic Yellow but, I'm hearing more and more golfers wanting to play the High Optic Yellow. I use to play a yellow ball years ago and loved it. I tried the NXT Tour S in yellow and loved playing that color of ball! It's soooo much easier to see and find!  I'd buy case after case of the High Optic Yellow if Titleist made them in the ProV1x or even the NXT Tour.

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