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Richard M

Here are some standard condition impacts on the golf ball.  Use with a grain of salt as many other conditions also have an impact:

1>    ELEVATION CHANGES:  1.5% to 2%  per 1,000 feet (more for driver, less for irons with more spin.
2>    TEMPEATURE CHANGES:  1 Yard For Every 5 Degrees                                                                                         
3>    WIND:            1 yard difference for every MPH of wind 
4>    VERTICAL CLIMB:              1.5% for every 10 feet                


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Mike (TT) indicates the primary factor is the amount of clothing necessary to keep warm and the constraints on your motion.  I'm in the 80's club speed using AP1s.  So long as the ground isn't frozen, I don't have a problem playing into the 30s.  One of my regular partners is north of 100 mph, uses MBs and ProV1x.  He finds it painful to hit irons a little off center when the temps get down to mid-40s and lower.  If you get too much feedback under a certain temperature, you can try NXT Tour-S.  I also rotate a ball with each hole so each ball coming from my pocket is a little warmer coming off the tee.  Actually just had my best round of the season in 46 degrees this past weekend.


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