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Golf Ball prototype

Michael S

I was fortunate enough to play the other day in cooler weather.  I play the Pro-v1x most of the time and that was the ball I compared the prototype ball with.  I thought the prototype ball felt a little harder than the Pro-v1x.  With the driver I found the prototype flew about 5 yards further.  I also thought that was the case with the longer irons.  When it came to the short irons it did not have the feel that the Pro-v1x had in my opinion.  Not too far from it but just did not seem to respond as well around the green.    Also the prototype seemed a little hard with the putter.  Not much though.  Overall I think I would stick with the current Pro-v1x vs this prototype.

PS.  A friend of mine also played a few holes with this prototype and compared it to the B330 RX.  He also thought the prototype was a harder ball.  The both traveled about the same distance for him.  

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  1. michael w

    played the new prototype pro v in florida last week and shot my best score of the week even par 72. i switch between the prov1 and the 1x up here on long island depending on the firmness of the greens ill be playing on in competition. the new prtotype i feel is better than the 1x in as far as penetration flight and stopping ability.also in with wind in florida it seemed to me that the ball stayed on its flight longer with less curvature. as far as distance it compares to both current pro v's but with my swing i am not going to get any appreciable distance other than firmer ground avg tee shot will max out anywhere from 260-270 which is fine with me.i will put the new pro v into play next yesr here in ny because im a titleist man  and in my opinion its the best...mike from ny

  2. Ed M

    I played the prototype ball today 80 degree day here in TX, I found the ball very responsive and out performed the v1x. 5-10 yds off driver and spun back on 8-pw shots, no difference with the putter.

  3. J Courtney G

    I also play the x1 and am playing in Indiana first comparison in cool weather 52 ish found the prototype flew higher and less left to right movement also was VERY happy with how much better the cover help up actually able to play 3 full rounds with the same ball awesome!

  4. Michael R

    Not sure where to reply to the test balls I received but here goes. I play the Pro V1. Did not see any increase in distance. Was not impressed initially. This test ball felt very soft.was hard to get the speed on greens. After returning to my old ball, I realized how much I did like this new ball. Will take some adjustment on the amount of spin and soft feeling. Would like to play this ball.
  5. Alan R

    How do you get the prototype golf balls as im am wishing to try them out

  6. Mike P

    I went out today and tested the new prototype ball.  I have to agree.  The prototype felt harder to me than the Pro V1x that I normally play.  It did seem to travel further with my fairway wood, hybrid and 7 iron, but I didn't feel as if I had the same control around the greens.  Overall, I will stick with the apro V1x.

  7. Chris C

    Michael S;

    I too was forunate enough to recieve a sleeve (3 balls) of the Prototype golf balls as well the other day. I got a chance to test them fully yesterday (in the soggy conditions) at a private golf course near my house. After reading your post, i would have to agree i had the same reservations to begin with. As you, i use Titleist golf balls (ProV1 in my case) when playing golf, and I initially thought that the Prototype had a harder feel than that of the ProV1 right from the get-go. I figured that the ball wouldn't respond as well and that it would be harder to control around the greens, however i was actually shocked to conclude that the Prototype seemed to perform even better around the greens thatn that of the ProV1 ball that i have been in love with for years now. The prototype ball seemed to just drop-&-stop around the greens and allowed for me to really hunt the flag-stick a little more than usuall. My expereince off the tee with the Prototype golf ball was pleasantly rewarded with an increase in overall length of about 5-10 yards. Even though the course playing conditions were fairly damp, and didnt' allow for much, if any, roll out of the golf ball, I could still clearly see that the Prototype ball was flying further than the ProV1 ball that I was hitting along side it. For playing purposes, I prefer a ball that is not only long off the tee, but one that plays very soft around the greens, has a soft feel to it overall, and will drop-&-stop when chipped from within 100 yards. This preference has allways been difficult to find due to the fact that i must usually sacrifice a ball with distance capabilities, with that of one that has a super soft shell and performs well around the green. It seemed that could NEVER get the "best-of-both-worlds"....until now? 

    My hope is that Titliest will continue to allow me to product test upcoming prototype equipemnt / Gear / Golf Balls / or ANYTHING else the oulclllllllll 

  8. Steve M

    I also play the PRO V1X and the test ball besides feeling harder it also seemed to have more side spin with the driver. For me the PRO V1X seems to cut through the wind much better and stay on line. While putting the feel was very hard and did not seem to roll as well as the PRO V1X. So for me I will stick to the PRO V1X.

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