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The New Prototype Titleist Ball

Mark B

I played the prototype today against the Yellow Tour Q-Star, for 9 holes the prototype performed very well. With my driver it went 20 to 30 yards more than the Q-Star. Once on the fairway I did not really notice too much difference but on the approach to the green I was able to use the balls spin to really add more control. I also felt like it was a little bit better with the putter, it came off my putters face a little bit sharper and stayed on the ground even on the longer putts. The cover seemed to be about the same hardness as the Q –Star. I just felt like I had a lot more control with the new Titleist prototype ball. i have been playing the V-1 Pro but my kids got me two boxes of Q-Stars so i have been playing them this summer, I want the new titleist Prototype Ball,  NOW if possible!


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