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Golf Ball Prototype Test

Griffin W

Hurricane Sandy and some snow have not allowed me to get out and test the balls as much as I'd like.  Is there a specific date you guys want the feedback by?  

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  1. Phil D

    I had the same problem due to winter conditions, did Titleist reply? the  3 ball sleeve I received is a truly high performance ball, even for a hacker like my self.

    Phil D (Virginia)

  2. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    Whenever you're able to tee it up again, we'd be happy to hear the feedback. Here are the links to the surveys. Keep in mind, please only answer the survey that corresponds with the golf ball you tested. Thanks!

    If your prototype golf balls had black numbers, please use the following link:

     If your prototype golf balls had red numbers, please use the following link:

  3. Christopher L

    Hi i am sort of new to team titleist and am wondering how to receive a sleeve of balls to test out. I am a frequent titleist golf ball user in the north east and haven't gotten the chance to try out this years pro v1 or pro v1x. I would love to try a sleeve of either out and give feed back. Please respond thank you.

  4. Chris S


     Being part of TT gives you a chance to receive test balls, special offers and giveaways. There is no sign up sheet. They randomly select members, not everyone gets test everytime. If you are lucky enough to be selected the stuff will just show up in your mailbox. Its an awesome surprise!

     Unfortunately, I believe this round of testing is over. Hopefully you will get picked next time. Titleist tries to involve as many members as they can, but please remember selections are random and not everyone gets to be included.

     Hope this helps,

      Chris S

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