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Titleist Prototype 2

Robert B

Robert B;

I received a sleeve of the Prototype golf balls (pro v1x model) and was able to putt them into play yesterday on a cooler/windy day in Atlanta. The course I played has very fast greens and are generally firm (today not so much with the recent weather but their speed was still running about 10 or 11) right away I noticed a heavier feel off the tee. The first hole what seemed like a bit of a miss hit landed about 5-10 further than a good drive I hit on the same hole just a few weeks. Left with a wedge into the green I was worried about spinning it off the front but the ball seemed to one hop and stop.

As the day went on the ball seemed to not curve nearly as much off the driver and produced a longer, more boring flight than that of the prov1x I play usually. I tend to get a lot of spin and this ball was getting a good amount of roll out despite the soggy conditions. The ball all day seemed to be flying just a little further with all my clubs and spin less. (5-10 on the driver, 5 or so on long irons, 3 yds or so with mid irons and wedges continued to produce the one hop and stop or slight back spin versus the typical ripping back I am use to seeing on softer greens)

In an ideal world we’d all love to play a low spinning ball off the tee that has the best feel around the green. This ball hands down accomplishes that off the tee and has a nice feel around the green. But I am so use to the feel of the pro v1x around the greens where this ball seemed to maybe not have all of that feel. But the results speak for themselves, the ball produced less, more consistent action than the prov1x.  I would think this ball is overall better than the current X model especially on softer greens. I would however like to play this ball on firm greens to see if the ball is still able to respond,  my only worry is that on very firm, fast greens the ball will not hold nearly as well.

Really appreciate Titleist giving me the opportunity to product test this upcoming prototype and would love to continue to do so with any equipment/ clubs or balls in the future. Thanks.  

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