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NXT Extreme vs. NXT Tour

David S

Some years ago, after playing DT 90s for over 15 years, I switched to the NXT Extreme.  I liked them so much that I purchased four more boxes at a deep discount because the new NXTs (and later the NXT Tours) were coming out. Sadly, I am on my last box of NXT Extreme.

My question is this: performance-wise, what replaced the NXT Extreme? Was it the NXT Tour? I tried the Titleist ball fitting guide, but that keeps steering me to the Pro V1x and the NXT Tour. Now I understand that Titleist wants to sell their most expensive balls, but given this economy, I'm thinking of going back to the DT, as they claim to be softer than they once were.

Any thoughts?


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  1. Don O

    You may like the feel of the DT.  The Velocity is the closest to the old NXT.  The new NXT Tour is closest to the old NXT Tour.

  2. Quintin H

    You can still find NXT at WalMart. Nxt Extreme and NXT were very similar, same cover material ....thinner on NXT, same core material ......slightly larger on NXT.

  3. David S

    Thanks guys. I'll probably try the DT for now. Funny thing is I found an old sleeve of DT 90s from back in the mid-1990s. I read the back of the package and reminded that they were a wound ball! Not sure how I'll hit one of these now.


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