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Prototype Test Pro V1

Tristan S

I wanted to take a moment to thank Titleist for allowing me to participate in the R&D Testing of the new Prototype Prov V1. I did submit my official review but I would like to reiterate a few conclusions.

1. The ball feels firmer than the current Pro V1. Much like the firmness of a B330.

2. The ball has a more piercing ball flight. I noticed the jump in distance off the tee immediately.

3. Even with the firmer feel the ball spins aggressively on half shots, pitches, & chips.

4. The roll off the putter is nice, but the current Pro V1 has a more buttery feel off the face.

My professional opinion is that the new ball is better for my game. I like the reduced spin off the driver, and I like the firmer feel. I coach the University of Maine at Augusta Golf Team and have shared with my players the new advances to come by Titleist. The guys are excited!  Thank you Titleist for a superior product and commitment to excellence.

Tristan Starbird

University of Maine Augusta Golf Coach

Executive Director Fair Haven Camps

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