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Titleist Tour Distance


I tried the tour distance this past weekend. Gotta say I was surprised. I think I might have found my new ball. 2 Dozen for $29.99 at Costco, you cant beat it. My wife is happy to due to the fact of cheaper price than the Prov1x I usually buy. Now it wont hurt as much if I am having a bad swing day.

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  1. Wade C

    Yep - I play Pro V1X and was having a poor day this summer.  Found a Tour Distance when I was looking for mine.  Played it for the rest of the round.  Very long, very straight, suprisingly soft off the irons.  Just a tad bit more run out on the chips, which I don't mind. 

    Great ball.  Great value!



  2. Christian J

    I received a dozen for Christmas last year, and have to say I was surprised.  These balls do play well compared to the ProV1.  Now, I would prefer the ProV1 because I believe it feels better, but the price can be a little extravagant at times.  Good ball, but prefer the ProV1.

  3. Karl W

    I have used this ball for years always buying it at Costco.  I went into Costco this weekend only to find that the display had been replaced by Calloway Black Hex or something.  I was severly disappointed.  The ball performs like a Titleist at a very reasonable cost.  The question is can I still get the ball at the Costco price and where? 

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