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Prototype Ball Test


Titleist R&D Department,

Thanks for the opportunity!  The process was cool and I was glad to be a part of the experience.  We had unseasonably warm weather on Thanksgiving, so I squeezed in one last round.  I found the ball to be longer off the tee with the driver and more accurate with every club in my bag.  The ball also had a nice feel with the putter.  I compared it to the Pro V1x and the Hex Chrome.  I'm a fan!

When does this ball hit the market????

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  1. Bob G

    Thanks to Titleist for providing me with the new "test' ball.  I have played in both Oregon and Arizona.  I compared it to the balls I normally play which is the PRO V1 and Pro V1x.  I found the ball to be comparable to those balls with some improvement.  I used a practice facility and hit various other balls such as Callaway hoti, Nike 20Xi, Ttileist PRO V1 and DT SOLO, where I hit them over a dozen times.   The most consistent ball I hit were the new balls you provided me.  I'm sold.

    Thanks again, Bob G

  2. Todd L

    I'd also like to thank the Titleist Golf Ball R&D for giving me the chance to participate in this process.  Unfortunately I received the prototypes a little too late in the season to evaluate them as thoroughly as the instructions suggested.  I had the prototype 2 and found it to play very similarly to the Pro V1x and for that matter, the Hex Chrome.  Very similar feel; the Titleist golf balls may filght just a little higher.  I think the prototype is longer but it is difficult to say by how much since I wasn't able to hit any shots twice with the course being as crowded as it was.  However, I tested them on the course I play 95% of my rounds on and was hitting all of my clubs about the same distance or maybe a little longer in 50 degree weather that I would have hit them in 85 degree temperatures.  The prototype seemed a little more durable, especially with respect to high speed impact with trees. Compared to a Hex Chrome I would have to say that neither ball is as durable after a cart path hit.  Although I no longer lead the City in Cart Paths in Regulation, I still find them from time to time. I would also have to say the the Hex Chrome cuts through a cross wind better than the prototype or Pro V1x do.  Still, I think the Titleist ball is the best ball for me.  I very much appreciate being included in the R&D process and would be eager to participate again in the future.  Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.  It was fun!      

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