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TitleistProtoType2 panel ball review


Team Titleist,

I just got back from playing golf using the test sleeve of balls i received in the mail a month or so ago.  I am a low handicapper and my overall impression of the ball was good.  Below are my first impressions on balls performance.

Driver -  The Proto Type Ball (PTB) flew straighter then my normal ball. I also found it a bit longer off the tee. Feel was OK

Impression: Great

Fairway and hybrid - The PTB had a nice ball flight and carried a bit farther then my normal ball.  I did find it a bit harder to work the ball.  I like to play the ball either direction and i found the ball harder to draw.  Feel was OK

Impression: Good

Long & Mid Irons - PTB performed the same as my regular ball.  I did not see any significant  improvement in distance, feel, and  spin. Work-ability was about the same

 Impression : average

Short Irons - PTB performed well  It felt like i could work the ball ball either way.  It also seamed to spin a little more when it hit the green. 

Impression : Good

Wedges -  PTB ball flew about the same but i did find the ball spun on the green more.  I found it difficult to control that spin and it seamed a little inconstant .   I still have 2 of the balls and plan on doing some more testing.  

Impression : poor

Putter -  I liked the feel of the PTB it was a bit softer feeling and that allowed me to be a bit more aggressive with the putter.

impression : Great


I would like to thanks Team Titleist for the opportunity to test its new ProtoType Balls.  



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