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Prototype Red Numbers


I received a sleeve of the Titleist test golf balls with red numbers.

I hit my driver about 230-240. The ball compressed easily and it jumped off the face. I gained about a 5 yds off the tee. I had similar results with my fairway wood. I had a chance at eagle on one of the par 5's at my course due to the ball.

Hybrids/Long/Mid Irons
There wasn't much feel with the hybrids and long irons with the ball. The distance was comparable to my current ball.

Short Irons
I gained a 5 yd increase with my short irons. Again, I didn't have much feel with them.

The ball stops on a dime. It would land and stop. I gained distance with my attack wedge. The 56 and 60 degree Vokeys scuffed the ball on chip shots.

The ball had a slight click off the insert putter face. It wasn't too distracting. The ball rolled well on the fast greens.

Overall impressions
The feel and durability could be improved. The cover was soft. My friend and I thought this was a new Velocity or NXT. This ball features two of my favorite things. I want a ball that is long off the tee and great control on the greens. I enjoyed the fact that I gained distance with my short irons. I really like how the ball stops on chip shots. I would be interested in purchasing these golf balls in the future.

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