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Test Golf Ball

Randy W

Titleist sent me a sleeve of golf balls this past fall. I was unable to get out until Novermber and I must say I have never played titleist for a long period because i always lack distance.  Well I was very impressed with this TEST ball I consistantly drove the ball about 5-10 yards further than my srxn SL ball. I even had a couple drives go beyound 275 yds and I average about 240. The hit with the irons were about the same with a little more bite into the greens. If anyone knows what kind of ball titleist was being tested please let me know I am going to switch to it. I lost the paperwork to fill out to describe what I liked or didn't like about the ball.

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  1. Glenn S

    I also received a sleeve of test balls. The test was labeled prototype1. If you think that that was your test ball then go to I liked them as well. I play the ProV1 and this ball had a very similar feel. Might have been a little softer around the greens but had a great penetrating ball flight with Driver and Long Irons. Wondering if they are trying a different shell or dimple technology. I love the ProV1 but I could easily hit the test ball they sent.

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