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Test Balls

David V

I recently received the new Titleist test ball but lost the paper that was in the box which had the web address to post results of my testing of the ball. Could you please send me the web address so I can post my results. I was very pleased with the play of the test ball and can hardly wait for it to be released!!!




Oh Merry Christmas!!!! :)

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  1. josh w

    dave the website is and i hope you enjoy those balls

  2. Danny B

    Thank you for the prototype balls.  My back went out right after and have not use them.  I'm better now and planning trip in Feb.  I'll let u know then.  Sorry  I've taking so long, I didn't take this lightly.  Merry Christmas

  3. Nathan S

    I also lost the paper to send in for the sleeve of test balls. I played them today and loved them. I have been playing the  20XI X balls all summer with good results, but the test balls supplied were much better. Using a laser range finder the were 20 yards longer off the tee for starters. The weather was in the mid sixties today with a slight breeze. The next step was iron play and again the ball performed very well.  Good distance and excellent feel coming of the club. On and around the greens the performance was very good, and very controllable. There was a nice soft feel coming of wedges and the putter too. The test ball is a great product and hopefully it will come to market got the upcoming year.  

    If there is a link to complete the form online please send it to me.  Thank you for choosing me to participate in the test study and I hope my comments help

    Nathan Sargent

  4. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. Here are the survey links. Keep in mind, please only take the survey that corresponds to the test golf balls you received. 

    If your prototype golf balls had black numbers, please use the following link:

    If your prototype golf balls had red numbers, please use the following link:

    Thanks again!


  5. Dallin H

    Thanks for sharing the links! My kids opened the package before I got home and I never saw the paper with the instructions. I've felt guilty ever since. The balls were great!

  6. Andrew T


    Thanks for Titleist  kindly sending me the new prototype ball (red numbers). What a lovely experience on a damp day in St Andrews!!

    The ball on average was 10 yards longer than my current Pro V1x, but the real difference was with the putter. The feel off the head was almost like a trip back to the old days with the balata balls.

    The spin that the Vockey wedges seem to develop was also a pleasant surprise, But also one that could be controlled after getting use to them.

    Thanks once again for the test sleeve, send me a dozen in the post when they are available!!

    Have a good 2013



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