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Ball durability

Marc M

Might play 6 to 8 rounds with the same ball, is it me or do others notice the PV1 x loses its bright white color and scuffs rather easy

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  1. Christian J

    I've noticed the same thing.  With the Test balls they sent out however, hey didn't scuff as much and tend to last longer.  Durability was a big thing this time around with their new balls, and I believe they really addressed this problem.  I also noticed through the testing that they don't scuff like the previous models, and IMO are better all around.

  2. Marc M

    Christine J .......thanks for the reply, glad to here the new PVC 1's will be more durable.

  3. Kevin G

    Im excited for the new balls to come out! I wont use anything but Pro V1x and the longer they last the better my game gets!

  4. Chris Hatem


    To quote Mike DePaolo,

    "The cover of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x features Urethane, a soft material that transmits a softer sensation to the hands and provide more scoring spin than Surlyn-covered golf ball models. The Pro V1 and Pro V1x are designed primarily to maximize scoring spin and feel for higher overall performance.

    New irons and wedges will all have a tendency to shear the golf ball (for some people) because the grooves are new and sharper. The shear affect does vary from player to player and the characteristics of a player's swing in combination with the design of their higher lofted clubs can also have a major impact on abrasions due to iron shots (called "shear damage").  If you tend to be steeper on your attack, you may see more shearing then if you were more shallow. "

    Durability and performance are trade-offs. It would be nice to maximize both simultaneously but it is easier said than done.  Look out for the new Pro V1s, my pro buddies have said they have improved in the durability category as well as the more obvious performance category.

    6 to 8 rounds for a golf ball is a little much in my opinion. I was a college player and never played more than 1 round with the same ball.  I will also be honest, the balls were free, so why not.  

    One thing I learned in competitive golf, is the role that confidence plays in your golf game.  The last thing you look at before you hit your shot is the golf ball.  You want that last image in your mind to give you reassurance and make you confident that you can pull off the shot time and time again.  The look of a new ball perched up on a clean fairway lie is inspiring, it looks easy to hit. 

    Hope this helps. Keep it in the short grass.  


  5. Nelson B

    It's not you.  The PV1 are the same.  I have 2 dozen new balls.  I hope they get their act  together.  I do like white balls.

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