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Testing of Red number Titleist Golf Balls

Dr. B

Hi, I am Dr. B ( Bruno ) and have just finished testing a sleeve of Titleist golf balls sent to me by Titleist Team..They have red numbers.  I tested the balls against the Titleist Pro Vi 1x and the Titleist Velocity. 

Compared to the Titleist Velocity:  The tested ball flew off the club faster and felt lighter to hit but was much more difficult to control with the Driver.  This may mean that the tested ball had more spin off the club face.  I did not notice any difference with the fairway woods, hybrids, irons, chips or putting...only with the driver.  The spin was minimal or comparable to the Velocity with wedges and chipping and the distance with the driver, when hit straight was no further than the Velocity, and at times shorter and more off line.

Compared to the ProVi 1x:  The ball was more difficult to control with the driver, and had much less spin with the chips and wedge shots than the Pro Vi 1x.  I also seemed to have minimal control problems with the other clubs and could not tell a great deal of difference with the putting and only less spin with the chips and wedges.   Driving distance was much less than the Pro Vi 1x and much less accurate.

I do not normally use the Titleist Velocity and will not use it from now on, did not like the test ball and therefore much preferred the Pro Vi 1x and will continue to use that brand.  I feel much more confident with the Pro Vi 1x and will not switch.

I recently purchased the new Titleist 3 fairway wood ( 15 dgrees ) and love it...kept the settings from the factory and learned to hit it..and it is working out fine.

 Dr. William E. Bruno Jr.   Titleist team member


Thanks for the opportunity to try out the test balls and I hope that you will call on me in the future to test other Titleist products..My friend Ed Abrain was very pleased when I told him that I received the Titleist golf balls to Test.    Thanks  Happy New Year   Dr.B

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