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Just picked up a dozen 2013 provxs

Daniel R

THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY GREAT. Another great release from titleist. Will be stocking up big time on these.

Also how do i order them so i can get them all a certain number (no. 5?)

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Daniel! You can order custom play numbers from any authorized Titleist golf shop. Here is a link to our golf shop locator:

    Golf Shop Locator

    - Mike

  2. Daniel R

    Thanks mike for that info. Just placed one at my golf course.I really like the community here ever since joining recently. You guys
    do a great job here.

    BTW how do I get one of those awesome bag tags.

  3. anthony p

    What is different about the new pro v this year as opposed to the last model?

  4. Ron M.

    The feedback on the New balls from TT members have be very positive and encouraging . I ordered my Pro V1x today from Golfsmith website w/ #20 on all 48. Can't wait to project these bad boys too there target...

  5. Keano26

    How's the durability? I play Prov1s and Prov1x's, and I love them, but my Vokey wedges just rip them to shreds. Let me know. Thanks.

  6. Andrew O

    Played with both the new ProV1 and ProV1X today...9 holes with each ball as my initial testing to see which will be my gamer for the year.  Shot the same score with both balls!  Really like the new ProV1 better than the previous version as it seems more stable in the wind.  The X feels a little more firm than the previous version to me.  Gotta test them both some more but right now I'm leaning slightly towards the ProV1.  Great release though!

  7. Vic

    The price is up to almost $50.

    From: anthony p <>
    Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 5:38 AM
    Subject: Re: Just picked up a dozen 2013 provxs

    What is different about the new pro v this year as opposed to the last model?

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