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Test Ball ????

Ron C

A few months ago I tested some of your test balls. Was this the now 2013 Prov1

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  1. guy s

    Yes they r out today

    On Jan 25, 2013, at 3:40 PM, "Ron C" <> wrote:

    A few months ago I tested some of your test balls. Was this the now 2013 Prov1

  2. Charles W

    I tested them as well, I thought they were the Velocity Ball...  

  3. Manuel M

    Hey Ron, the ball you tested was either the Pro V1 or Pro V1x. Hope you enjoyed the testing. Remember to stay active in the forums for future consideration on testing. 

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  4. ggr210

    I would say, the new 2013 Pro V1 series golf ball has more control and distance.

  5. Charles S

    Bought a dozen of the new Prov's. They definitely seemed softer especially off irons. I need more time on the durability factor. First impression is good but I did notice some wedge scuffs. Ball flight was a bit lower but not a huge difference. Seemed better in the wind. These balls were much like the ones  you sent me. I have no idea what balls they were. Thanks for the improvements. Need to work on better price points. Unless people feel these balls really improve their game they are going go for the Velocity as $45-$50 for golf balls is a pretty stiff number for most players.     

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    I tested them as well, I thought they were the Velocity Ball...  
  6. LaMar B

    Can someone tell me which ball I tested they had red numbers on them?

  7. Christian J

    The test ball was the ball that you normally play.  Therefore, it was either the NXT or ProV1x.  Most likely the ProV1x.

  8. Joshua O

    I also reacieved a sleeve of the new ProV's. I received after our golf season was over. However I did spend the last month in florida and texas playing. The new 2013 ProVx  (I switch balls and didnt update my profile) ball provided my first tourney win of 2013.  I love the feel and there isn't a compareable ball out there. I am happy that the life of the ball seems to be longer and more durable.  I appreciate the early look at the golf ball and I look forward to a long relationship.

  9. andy r

    I recieved a sleeve in a plain white box about 5 months ago. Tested them a week later and that ball was fantastic, especially on the greens.

    Another fantastic product from titleist !!

  10. Connor I.

    how do you receive things like team titleist bag tags, test golf balls etc.

  11. Dave M

    I finally have had a chance to play the *TEST* ProV1x.     Goes 10 yards further than my longest.  Is this the 2013 model.

    What is the difference between 2013 and 2012.

  12. Deno

    I agree Dave, the new ProV1x is longer and has great feel off the irons and FW metals.

  13. Jeff K

    I'm also really digging the new PorV1X's1

    Great golf ball.

  14. Mark Q

    The test balls seemed to have a little bit softer feel around the greens, yet I didn't lose any distance with them.  I agree that the production versions seem to have a little bit better durability.  

  15. Jeremy H

    I got a sleeve of these also, probably around last October, November. I didn't get a chance to use them until this past weekend.  I feel I had about the same distance off the driver, and maybe gained a little bit of distance on my longer irons with them.  They felt great around the greens and the durability was better also!


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