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What golf ball is meant for me? 2013 Pro V1 or Pro V1x?

Ryan F

Dear Team Titleist,

I would like to know which golf ball is meant for me. I tend to hit a slice off the tee that is why I probably want a golf ball that has less driver spin but want good spin for irons to get distance on the fairway or greens. I also don't want to hit the ball on the green and it bounces off. I want a golf ball that feels soft when I hit it. I want very good straight and maximom flight but want control around the greens and no slice as bad. I tried the ball selector tool on Titleist website and it recommends both. You guys say to get a sleeve of each but that costs money you know. Fifty dollars for 12 golf balls is pretty bad. You guys make us pay but give them for free to the pros. So really im just asking your opinion on what golf ball is meant for me and I dont know if you guys can send two sleeves of both types of of balls so I can test them out.


Ryan F

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  1. Don O

    Part of your assessment is how many balls you contribute to the Gods of Hazards and the Lords of OOBs to play that course.  If you lose 2 or more and adding $10-15 a round  or more for balls is an issue, then you may want to rethink more than just the ball.  NXT Tour/NXT Tour S should not slice as far and neither is is like the traditional distance rocks around the greens.  For the pure recreational golfer that doesn't commit time to practicing, DT Solo is not a bad option.  Flies straight, may balloon with a fast driver speed, but will stay on the green with a soft touch.  You can lose 5 balls to every 2 ProVs for the same price. Also under ball fitting are some forms you can use to assess your shots during a round.   It helps to see where you lose the most shots.

    Do you slice as much with a fairway metal?  Would using the big dog less improve your score?  Especially on narrow fairways?  Would a couple of sessions with a professional reduce your slices?  When your most pressing need to improve your game is under 150 yards and you aren't always playing your second shot from the deep rough,drop spot, or a provisional off the tee, then your best scoring opportunities will come with consistent ball action around the greens.

    In fairness to Titleist, all the tour quality balls are offered to the pros as part of the marketing contracts.  When the larger contract does not require a brand of ball, the pros will select ProVs.  They have the option at the same "price" for other various geometrical dimple designs but pick Titleist.  If you keep following events in your area, one of the 3 ball fitting teams will probably be coming through.  They set up a Trackman, have you hit a few ProV1s, and then will provide you with 2 packs of the best 2 options based on your swing with a mid and/or a short iron.

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