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Around the green 2013

titleist fan 1

For anyone who has played the new ball what are they like around the green vs last year I'm on about pro v1 and pro v1x 


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  1. Manuel M

    Hey bud

    My experience with the Pro V1x on the green has been really excellent. I havent had a whole lot of roll, and i love the drop and stop feel to it. I am still playing and testing them out constantly and getting the most out of the best in golf. All the best. Team Titleist for Life.

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  2. scott a

    Play them both. The 2013 X seems to have that softer feel last years pov v's had. Less side spin and hits and sticks from long distance approach shots. Pretty decent spin on the greens with wedges. The new pro v1's spin more off the tee but are awesome on short chips checking up. I'll have both in the bag and play the x's if I'm not as straight that day.  Both are more durable. Awesome job Titleist!! 

  3. KEITH S

    Titleist fan 1

    I have used both Pro V1 and Pro V1x during many rounds of golf. I have also used the new Pro V1 (prototype) . Personally I get more release (roll) on chips and pitches around the green with the ""X". The prototype Pro V1 (or the "NEW" Pro V) is equal to the task around the green. It has great feel, excellent spin and response to the most delicate of shots.

    However, I will continue to play the old Pro V1's as long as supplies last @ $39 a dozen


    Pro V1 (4 life) 

  4. Daniel R

    The new ProVs are much more improved. Around the green they seem to be slightly easier to control. That drop and stop stuff does show especially on the upper irons (7-PW). Would definitely recommend you pick up a dozen.

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