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ball choice for weather condition

Craig B

I was just thinking has anyone tested golfballs for weather conditions. I play in all types weather from just above freezing to over 100 degrees.Rain high winds and other conditions normal golfers would stay home in. Any research been done on the effects of different balls in varrying conditions?

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  1. guy s

    I played the test balls here in Chicago last November.

    wet and clod. They performed great.

    Longer and straighteer than the pro vix i was also playing.

    bought 2 dozen cant wait to hit them when the weather is warmer here.

  2. Jeff L

    Are you sure you don't play in Wyoming? I do used play 90 comps below 45 and 100 comps the rest of the time.  Have not tried to switch it up with modern balls. 

  3. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    This is a question we get a lot and our R&D team provided some insight a while back on the topic. Here's what they had to say...

    R&D: If you are playing with cold golf balls you’ll see distance loss. We recommend playing with room temperature golf balls. However, the other factors that typically accompany cold-weather golf (i.e. wearing more layers, frozen ground, wind, etc.) might have a bigger impact on a golfer’s overall performance.

    At the end of the day, I would recommend always playing the same model golf ball. Keep in mind, changing golf balls changes every shot. So the best way to take that element out of the equation is to find the best golf ball for your game and play it consistently.

    Check out this post for some more great info on the importance of playing the same golf ball...

    Hope this helps.

  4. 808HACKER


    Thank you for the great tip, I was wondering that myself.  I save my nice Pro V1x's for better warmer days, and use the Velocity balls during the winter due to the rock hard icy fairways here in North



  5. Craig B

    I cant belive I used the term normal golfer. Anyone that plays in these conditions can not be called normal lol

  6. Travis P

    Why would you want to play a hard ball in winter time with hard ground? With the greens harder you would need the softer ball then. When the ground is softer in the summer hit the harder ball. If you want to change balls anyway.

  7. Mike C

    When playing golf when it is cold outside, I keep an extra ball in my pocket where it stays warm.  Once I hole out on a particular hole, that ball goes in my pocket to warm up and the other warm ball from my pocket ball goes out on the next tee.  Sounds crazy, but it basically keeps the ball closer to a "normal" temperature and results in your compression and distances being closer to normal than if you continue to play the same ball that is out in the cold temperature.  Also, just putting the ball in your pocket between holes if you don't want to swap out can make a difference.

  8. Brady G

    My ball of choice is the Pro V1x which fits my game perfectly.  During the warmer months it does everything I need and expect it to do.  This year is the first time I have continued to play throughout the year and if the course is open I am out there.  I have found that on very cold days(sub 45degree Fahrenheit) the "softer" Pro V1 actually plays better and feels better for me.   

  9. Wesley M

    Yea i think that different golf balls in different conditions works pretty good, I use the pro v1x for colder conditions, and pro v1 in hotter conditions

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