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i'm a believer !!!!!!

jim k

i'm a hacker and always pretty much played whatever balls i find on the course. For Christmas i got a gift certificate to a local course and ended up buying a dozen Titlelist NXT tour balls with it. normally i spray my drives all over the place. equally left, right and center as i do track this stat just for giggles. I almost immediately started hitting the ball 20-25 yards farther and pretty close to straight. when i miss the fairway its not by much anymore. i'm just in awe at how much this has changed my game. i guess i always believed that a ball can make a difference but i thought it wouldn't make much of a change for my game but it did!! 

price is an issue thats why i didn't buy ProV1. i just have a problem hitting a couple of them into the woods or water in a row :)

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  1. Daniel R

    keep working on your game. If you are losing a lot of balls than the ProV1 probably is not the best choice for you. Once you beging to hit it consistently and losing fewer balls (at most one-two) a round MAYBE its time for provs. If you are serious Id get fitted for the right ball for you

  2. clayton t

    you know i keep 3 prov 1 in my bag at all times take one out to play sometimes but i use titleist x out or over runs box of x out is 10 bucks walmart here mostly nxt tour in the box the over runs about 15 bucks and mostly nxt tour however found few pro v1..... over runs are  cool they have courses logo i love hitting them and playing the tour in my mind

  3. jim k

    tied my best round today with my new NXT Tour ball !!! only lost one ball which was on 18 which is a pretty big feat for me. i will pretty much only be playing this ball from now on :)

  4. greg p

    I'm with you Jim.  I've been a believer in NXT's for years.  I flip flop back and forth between NXT's and ProV1x depending on how I'm hitting them.  NXT's give me most of the performance I need when my inconsistent swing in unable to take advantage of ProV's  benefits.

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