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Pink Pro V1

The Saunders

Other than painting them myself, could I get some pink pro v1s done?

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  1. Christian J

    Your best bet is to do it yourself.  We had a discussion about optic yellow ones, and they said they didn't have any plans on making those.  That leads me to believe they won't do this either.  Who knows though down the road.  Golf continues to evolve everyday.  Who would've ever thought of a white headed driver??  Wouldn't count on them in the future, but anything is possible.  Stick with dying or painting them yourself for now.

  2. The Saunders

    That works, my SO is like PC. She likes pink, so I have some fun ways of doing it myself. The colour doesn't last more than a round.

  3. Geoffrey B

    Possibly you could paint them, but I think the only way is highlighter.

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