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opinions on the new proV1 and proV1x?

James f

anybody have opinions about the new balls? I haven't had much opportunity to hit them yet.

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  1. Patrick P

    They are in every way a true Pro V1 they are nothing less than the best. I cant say enough about them   they are the perfect balls   worth every cent

  2. cam j

    the new PRO-V1 is a lot firmer and hits farther. Also it spins more and has deeper dimples. I feel also that the PRO-V1x is firm but also spins more. all in all very good balls.

  3. guy s

    Played red test ball iin Chicago in the fall cold and wet
    Played new pro vx in Mexico today
    Hot and humid play longer today

    Straight great I'm the wind. Spin around the 
    Green is excellent. Best ball yet

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    anybody have opinions about the new balls? I haven't had much opportunity to hit them yet.

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  4. greg p

    I played the ProV1x on vacation in Hawaii last week.  Although, my swing was not the best, I loved the new ball.  Same great feel, response but durability was noticeably improved.  The ball I played battled the lava a couple of times and still came out unmarred.  I am impressed.

  5. Keith P

    Played the new ProV1 for the first time yesterday.  Twenty mile per hour wind; cool, damp conditions. Softer feel on both woods and irons. Slightly lower trajectory. Played one ball the full 18 holes and only one slight scuff mark from my vokey wedge. As a longtime Titleist user-four decades and counting-the thing that stuck me right from the first shot is that the ball felt like a Balata ball.

    Reminded me of the Titleist ProTrajectory balls from the 70's. Similar click and feel. Great sound and feel off the putter. My hats off to the ball makers at Titleist. Once again you've improved on the best. Congratulations. Job well done. 

  6. Fred C

    I'd love to say they are longer, hold greens better and hole more putts. Unfortunately, they are hit with my lack of talent. 

  7. Don O

    Received some 2013 ProV-1X balls recently.  Started playing 3 years ago and 2 years ago got a sample of each Pro-V1 and Pro-V1X (probably the 2009-2010 version) and watched them fly further out of bounds faster than any 2 piece ball I had at the time.  I trusted NXT and suddenly it was gone.  Since then I have been a closet hoarder of Tri-Speeds as my next best NXT.  Needless to say, putting a Pro-V anything in play has been a real fear.

    Played 2 rounds this week in SC and got bold on the second day and put a 2013 Pro-V1x into play during the round.  On three consecutive holes the distance just caught me off guard.  Two were on well-struck drives and both went 20 yards beyond my expectations (...down the middle) and on the other hole, I didn't strike strike the drive well, but the 7W (21 910F) just went forever.  My short game on terra ferma after being on mats for almost 4 months was still lousy, so it will take more time to decide on actual scoring improvement. But I won't need therapy to stop hoarding 2 year old balls and to not believe that if my handicap is greater than 10 I should only buy a 2 piece ball to match my talent.  I was playing my second shot from the fairway with a tour quality ball.

    My last big decision to make is how to make space on the shelf at home to fit in a 4 for 3 purchase of Pro-V1x's with all the old boxes still in hoarding.....

    I played 2 other balls besides the ProV and the hoarded supply.  One was the NXT Tour.  It was the next best ball and almost the equal.  Both were more stable on long hits than the hoarded ball.  It is important that if you want the most from your game to try better grade balls.  With a handicap over 10 and an average swing speed, the 1x still performed with spin off the driver and down range trajectory.  ....The only thing missing is an optic yellow so I don't have to spend so much time trying find a ball when I can't see it land.  ;-)

  8. joe c

    i totally initial thought when i hit the new Pro V1 was wow!!! this feels like the old Professional 90's or 100's..totally soft balata feel!!

    However, my only criticism is the alignment marks on the ball. In bright sunlight the marks are hard to see with the gray color which does pose a problem with trying to line your ball up to the hole or target your using...


  9. Jp H

    Does the pro v 1 x hit further than pro v 1

  10. Keano26

    I have played the ProV1x, and I have many positives, but one negative (or constant, really)


    1. Distance- I feel like the ball goes a few yards further, especially with my irons/wedges.

    2. Trajectory- It's advertised that the trajectory is a little lower, but I think it's pretty close to the same.

    3. Short game/ Wedges- With wedges, the ball seems to come down a bit steeper than previous models. I played on very wet greens yesterday, so I only got a little backspin. So I can't say whether it spins more or less. As for chipping, it

    4. Feel- Even if I was blindfolded, I would know I am hitting a Prov by the feel and sound off the club. It makes a snap-like sound. It's music to my ears.

    5. Irons- When this ball is struck correctly, it does literally whatever you want it to do, which is awesome. I also love how the ball's flight goes in tiers on the way up. It's a beautiful sight.

    6. Driver- Spin seems to be the same to me...


    1. While the cover has been improved, it is still prone to getting chopped up by wedges. I played one ball for 8 consecutive holes, and there were two spots that were cut up. That really irks me, because I (and all of us) pay good money for this ball, and it just can't handle a full wedge shot. While I will continue to play Titleist products, I am hoping that they will soon release the 'perfect' ball...And it will be perfect once the cover is the true definition of durable.

  11. stuart c

    i have played a few rounds with the new ProV1x and it is great.  For me it is a little softer around the greens and putting.  There seems to be less side spin with the driver and irons and more boring.  The cover is very durable, I played 36 holes with one ball and it looked really good with just a few marks.  The older versions would not make it 24 holes without being retired  

  12. charles h

    played the new ProV1 for the first time a couple of weeks ago and they are much like the older version except for how well the condition and outside of the ball held up.  with the older model i noticed that after a round of golf, there would be 1 or 2 nicks on the cover.  with the new ones, one ball lasted 3 rounds before i noticed a nick on the outside ( and that was after i hit one off the cart path once ;) ).

    i love the new ones and will always be a believer.


  13. Floyd W

     A friend of mine just got his test balls form

    titleist and he gave me one to try and also told me about this site (

    Great Guy for sharring both) I played my first round with it and it is truley a very good ball, spin and distance were better than I imanged 


  14. jeffro

    Expensive but the balls are amazing.

  15. SGB

    I just got back from a weekend down South and was fortunate to get 2, personalized boxes of the new ProV1X's for my birthday and they are definitely longer off the tee, feel softer around and on the greens and more durable than the previous models that "may have" hit either a cart path or the occasional tree! I cannot wait to put these into play when the golf season opens up North!  I am as impressed with the new model as I was with the test sleeve.  They just keep getting better and better! 

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