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Test Golf Balls

Bruce R

Is there a way I can find out which ball I tested this past fall?

It was the palin white box with the letters & number 1 in black ink

the ball was awesome and I would like to purchase!!

 think I was picking up 5-8% in distance






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  1. clayton t

    how does one get in to ball testing

  2. Connor I.

    It was most likely the Titleist ProV1 since they were black numbers. The Titleist ProV1x has red numbers.

  3. Mike G

    I too got to test the New balls, same white box with TEST on the side. I picked up considerable distance and loved the drop and stop action on the green. I went back to the web site to fill out the test questionaire but never heard back from Titleist about my comments. I supposed that the new Titleist balls for 2013 were the ones I tested.
    I have purchased a dozen of the 2013 Prov 1X's and they give me the same results that I got from the test balls.

    Maybe one day Titleist will give the results for the test balls that were sent out last year. I would be interested to know the results and to read other comments from different testers.


  4. Bruce R

    I talked to a vendor at the cleve Golf show this past weekend who had been at the PGA show a few weeks ago

    He was certain the ones with the black numbers were the new Pro V1 and the Pro V1x would have had red numbers

    I would prefer to have it confirmed by Titleist!


  5. Clay C

    I received the red number test balls that match last years ProV1X pattern. Looks to me like the ProV1X has a few larger dimples than the ProV1, but I could be wrong.

  6. Brett H

    I got the Red Number ones and compared it to last years ProV1.  It would 'seem' that the previous posts of red = ProV1x and black = ProV1 seems accurate.

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