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Do you like the new alignment arrows on the new PROV1 and PROV1X?

Dr. Kovatchian

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  1. Brady G

    I love the new color of the alignment arrows.  It really sets them apart from the previous generations.

  2. Jeffrey S

    I do like them. Maybe you could have a special feature to change the color of the arrow if you get personalized balls with your special stamping and #.

  3. Mark D

    I like the new color of the alignment stripe - its still very easy to see and align with but I dont get so hung up on the line on the ball as I do the line of my putt if that makes any sense.... the darker line would sometimes get me to fixate too much on the ball instead of just letting it get in the way of the putterhead passing through it....

  4. Anthony T

    Dr. Kovatchian

    I used to mark my ball with a black sharpie, and then I noticed that the mark would transfer to the face of my clubs. It would one off easily when cleaning the clubs but for some reason this bothered me. To "get over it" I started using a silver sharpie, it would still transfer to my club face, but not nearly as noticeable, as it blended in against the silver face. So I really like the new marking, as it has a grey or "silver" look to it, which matches my marking. 


  5. 808HACKER

  6. dennis n

    I like to just see a white ball on a green background and my line. in my head,old fashion but it's what I like

  7. dennis n

    Good comment, it's harder to not see all the graphics on golf balls as the mind wanders.

  8. John J

    The alignment looks good. 

  9. NavyLD12

    I like the way they look but I dont use them. I tend to focus to much on that line so I align my ball with nothing showing on the top.

  10. David C

    I have used them twice and so far so good



  11. Dr. Kovatchian

    Good Comments Guys!!!!

    I actually prefer the former all black versions....simply because it is easier to see at address.

    I do not use the arrows to line up putts...I use the arrows to square-up my alignment off the tee...i have a very prescriptive routine that is now a little gray.

    Dr. K

  12. Hotsauce

    I liked the ones with the dots between the arrows and line, but these are pretty cool. I won't know till I get them on the course this year.

  13. Mike C

    I also prefer the black alignment aid. I use the alignment aid when putting & the grey produces a glare into my eyes. Also grey not visually distinct as the black.

  14. Ian B

    yea, very sleek looking.

  15. Tim Tiger

    The custom color idea is great.  Or at least the arrow color match the number. (Red = ProV1X)


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