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Pro V1 Teeing Orientation Effecting Spin and Launch

Jason Edwards

I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I was playing golf yesterday in pretty moist conditions and seemed to be getting no role out on my drives. I have a mid launch and I still was getting hardly any role out. I had heard that teeing up a pro v1 golf ball in different orientations could effect launch and spin so I tried teeing mine up with the titleist logo facing the target and the alignment line straight up and down. The flight was more of a knuckle ball and I did get a lot more role out with only a moderate effect on launch. Is this possible?

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  1. Keith P

    Hi Jason 

    Orientating aTitleist golf ball to affect ball flight and roll is unlikely. If orientation you describe were fact, each shot after the tee shot-assuming you play the ball as it lies-would be a crap shoot. You would never be able to control your trajectory or distance on each shot. Scoring shots would also be affected adversely due to inconsistent spin. Your "knuckle" ball and extra roll were more likely the result of you hitting the ball on the upswing which imparted in less spin than usual for your driver swing. Hope this helps. 

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