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Pro V1x vs Pro V1

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I have always played the Pro V1 because of my club head speed with a driver(92-94mph). I tried the 2013 Pro v1 and i did not like it because it went low and seemed to drop out of the air. i decided to try the pro V1x and was very surprised at the higher launch and the ball seemed to stay in the air longer. The Pro v1x was  great around the green. Has anyone else had this experience with the 2013 Titleist balls. 

Thank you

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  1. Jeffrey S

    I have noticed that the 2013 ProV1 do fly lower than the prior version (2011). If you like the flight of the ProV1X go with it, or stock up on 2011 version while they last.

  2. Mark D

    I have for the most part always used the pro v 1 vs. the prov 1x.....I have not tried the 2013 prov1x but have tried previous versions

    of it so I can only speak of previous versions..I seemed to have the opposite issue...Although both are great balls ,I tended to have lower flight and less carry  with the X vs. the pro v  with all settings on my adjustable woods and hybrids not being altered..

    Im sure with some tweekings some compensation could being made to those results but I was fit at all those settings and am not 

    wanting to alter them or my swing in any fashion to compensate for the ball... I have on occasion experimented with other companys golf balls for comparison and although there are some out there that give a little more distance or a little softer feel around the green or more spin off wedges ect ect.    I have found the prov1 to be the best all around ball at all the things Im looking for in a golf ball....I probably will pick up a sleeve of the 2013 provx to do a pepsi challenge so to speak but ultimately 

    for me its not about which ball hangs in the air alittle more , or feels a certain way around green or spin 500rpm more off sand wedge shots......Of all the balls Ive tried , experimented with ,pacticed around chipping greens or putting greens with,

    the lowest rounds I've ever shot .....if I took my best 25 rounds of my golfing life.....they have all been with the Prov1...

    P.S. - just shot my all time best score 2 days ago with 2013 ProV1

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