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Pink Titleist ProV1?

Tommy C

Does anyone know when the new pink stamped Pro V1 coming out? I would love to pick up a box.

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  1. Christian J

    Titleist hasn't came out and told anyone yet that they are releasing a pink ProV1.  If you are referring to a previous discussion, they were just asking if they would make a pink one.  Sorry to bear you with the bad news, but don't count on one in the future either.

  2. Don O

    Pink stamped ProV?  Or pink ball stamped ProV?  With the almost annual 4 for 3 sale in early spring coming up, you may have an option for pink personalization.stampings.  You can also special order a minimum of a dozen, but I don't know if there is an upcharge.

    Otherwise, someone posted a while back on how to dye golf balls.

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