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DT SoLo balls

Pete L

I am a 60 year old golfer who has only been playing for 5 years.  I have had 2 heart surgeries and 3 back surgeries so my swing speed is limited.  The best ball I have used that matches my swing speed is the DT SoLo.  I have recommended them to many of my friends who uses them as well.  I purchased a dozen new SoLos and to my surprise they were very different form the ones I had been using.  The old ones with the red and blue print compressed well and carried and rolled well.  The new ones did neither.  They came off the club face with a thump instead of the pop I was used to with the old ones.  They didn't carry well and didn't seem to even roll as well.  Several of my friends and myself did our own comparison test comparing the old with the new.  The old balls performed better in every way over the new ones.  Why were they changed?  We went all around our area and bought up all the old balls we could find.  Please let us know if by chance you will be using the old DT SoLo technology on some new ball in the future so we can keep using Titleist balls. 

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll certainly pass your note describing your experience along to the team.

    One thing to keep in mind is that fitting a golf ball to your swing speed is really a myth. Here's a great post on this topic that might help provide some more information:

    When our golf ball R&D team is developing golf balls they are designing them for all shots, with all of the clubs in a golfers bag. Within any particular golfer’s game, he or she utilizes a variety of shots that require large variation in swing speeds. The golf ball has to perform for all shot types and the varying swing speeds with which those shots are hit.

    That’s why we look at the entire game with our fitting process and not just one performance attribute like driver swing speed.  Our goal in golf ball design and fitting is to help golfers shoot lower scores.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and hopefully some of the information here on fitting will help.



  2. Ronald D

    Dear Pete, 

    I recently switched to the DT solo (yellow) and have to say that I truly enjoy playing this new ball. Specially around the green. My experience is it has a longer carry, but more important to me was the soft feel. 



  3. Kevin H

    Pete - I too play the DT SoLo and like the yellow balls. I'm 55 and just started playing again after a long layoff.  I think if you play the DT more you will learn to like them more and more.  I get great distance on drives but really like them for the short game.  The feel is different from ones I have used in the past but I believe the improvements on the new DT's make them a better ball.  

    I call them my "Poor Man's Pro-V1's"

  4. Cathy E

    HI Pete,

    I'm a huge fan of the Titleist So-Lo. (it was my hole-in-one ball!)  But I am an equal opportunity Titleist Golf Ball player. :)  I often play the Pro-V1x when playing in friendly competition or in scrambles, but depending on the course I'm playing, I've also put the Titliest Velocity in my bag now, too (love the double numbers!).  Have you tried those?  


  5. Nick F

    I have been playing the DT SoLo for years. I am currently a 16 handicap and I continue to play the DT due to its low price and decent workability around the greens. I will play a Pro V1 when I find them on the course but the SoLo fits into my price range much better. Hopefully my handicap will continue to drop and then I can play the Pro V1 more often. 

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