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Pro V1x or Pro V1

Paul B


I'm an 18 year-old golfer with a golf swing of roughly 105-120 miles per hour. Generally I got it clocked at 115 with my fairway(913fd) since I don't own a driver. Currently I use the 2012-2013 Pro V1. and off the tee with the fairway I get some 270-310 yards, but my issue is that around the greens I feel like I don't get enough spin. My swing style around the greens is a little more digger like since I switched to a higher bounce wedge (TVD's) to promote a high spin rate. So my question is does the Pro 1x provide more spin rate around the greens for a better player? My handicap is around 6-8, this is only my third season of golf so if that is bad lemme know. 

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  1. andrew b

    WOW Paul, that's some swing speed you have there!

    If your primary objective is to gain more short game spin, you will likely prefer the Pro V1 to the X. With your length, you can easily sacrifice a few yards off the tee to gain more control in the short game. Try a few sleeves of the Pro V1 and see what you think.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Tim Tiger

    With swing speed like that and TVD's. You should have no problems spinning the ball.  If you would get a driver, you may not have to chip at all.  

    Your best bet is to get a wedge fitting done to see what fits you best.


  3. Jameson O

    Hey Paul,

    Honestly, it all comes down to what feels best to you, but the empirical evidence points to the Pro V1 spinning more. Honestly, in my experience as a golfer with similar swing statistics, the difference is negligible, I just prefer the Pro V1x. Hope this helps.

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