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The durability of the new Prov1 and Prov1x


After most wedge shots the old balls would have big scuffs on them, has anyone found these new balls to be more durable?


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  1. Robert J

    Titleist made improvements to the covers of both the Pro V1 and the Pro V1X for increased durability.  I have played the V1X model this year, and used the same ball for 36 holes without issue.

  2. Connor I.

    Hey Davis, the durability of the 2013 PROV1 and PROV1x is completely better than the 2011 models. I had the same problem as you with the durability of the old balls, especially the PROV1x. After one round of golf, the golf ball would be all scuffed up. Now on the 2013 ball, I can play up to 5 rounds and there will be no signs of scuffs unless it hits the cart path.





  3. Keano26

    Definitely improvements to the cover, but still some improvements to be made. I see another commenter played 36 holes with one Prov1x and had no issue, but I played 9 with one, and had three scuff marks. But the scuffs aren't as deep and/or thick. I'm pleased with it.

  4. Carlo Angelo

    These are good things to know.  The best only gets better.

    I got a box for my birthday, but haven't used it. Trying to use and get rid of my remaining stocks from last year.  And I am also expecting the custom orders to arrive yet... been a month now and its taking too long.


  5. Austin T

    I agree with everyone else here, there have definitely been some advancement made in regards to the durability of the covers. It didn't take much to scratch/scuff the prior generations of ProV's, these new balls are much more durable.

  6. Jeremiah W

    Without scientific proof............I would say that Titleist made a business decision not to release the same EXACT ball as they provided as test golf balls.  The test balls I received in October 2012 were similar to the 2000 Titleist Pro V1 for durability........practically indestructible cover.  In fact, the 2000 Pro V1 would only be removed from play because the cover would turn yellow (tint) and frankly the ball would be retired from that alone. 

    2012 test balls would maintain its cover even after cart path contact.  I played between 8-12 rounds with 2 balls and the only damage was the ink on the ball was wearing off after extensive play. 


    Bottom line:  Improvement to durability...............YES.  Did they "dummy" the engineering for a business purpose..........Absolutely (without scientific proof). 


    Quite certain that Titleist is feeling the pressure from the consumer and the other ball manufacturers to improve the performance of the ball.  Titleist is a business and this improvement may not be the BEST as a final product, but it definitely was a step closer to the original cover in regards to durability.

  7. Ron M.

    The only club that cuts my x is my 52* . It happens with full swing only....I have 11 cut balls in 4 rounds this year... 

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