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Austin S

The golf ball fitting process made sense and I know what I am doing wrong.  However, I am really confused about the different golf balls.  I was playing the 2012 Pro V1 prior to the fitter recommending me for the NXT Tour S and Pro V1x.  I have read everything on the website and I don't understand why the NXT Tour S was the primary ball he recommended when the Pro V1 and Pro V1x offer the "best performance."  I thought all the other golf ball models were for preference only.  He said I hit my driver like a tour player but I was "scooping" with my wedges (using gravity to stop the ball instead of spin).  I really need to work on my short game haha.  He also mentioned that the Pro V1x launches a degree higher in the air.

Unfortunately, the golf club fitting was a waste of time.  This fitter (not the same as the golf ball fitting) was not ready at my appointment time, was not very knowledgeable, didn't even watch me, and was packing up to go the entire time.  It was a very disappointing experience. 

If anybody has information on the science behind each of the golf balls and the purpose of playing a specific model, please post.  I don't want this thread to turn into people posting what ball they play.  Thanks

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  1. Patrick H


    I conducted your fitting, I felt that though you were playing Pro V1's, your recommended ball should be a Pro V1x, because of 2 reasons. 1. Being a scooper, you did not generate a lot of spin, thus you needed a higher launch angle to steep your land angle to get more stopping power. Reason #2 for the V1x, was that the dispersion on your miss hits was not consistent, ie. lower spin ball will help straighten our your miss hits.

    NXT Tour S was a secondary option as it is even lower spin, to help on those mid-hits, but also has a soft cover, Not as soft as a V1, but similar feel around the greens.

    Hope this explanation helps,

  2. Austin S

    Thank you for the ball fitting!  I do understand what you have posted.  I typically do not have an issue with hitting the fairway.  As a result, I have been playing Pro V1s in order to have more spin (than the Pro V1x) to stop the ball on greens.  Do you think the Pro V1x launching higher will still be more beneficial than Pro V1s if I am hitting fairways?  I think the only reason I am confused is that I am trying to think of why somebody would play Pro V1 if Pro V1x is more forgiving with miss-hits yet still has stopping power.  If NXT Tour S has even lower spin than Pro V1x, does that mean Velocity has the lowest spin (helping miss-hits the most) of all six current models?

    I have been working on my short game and I like the Pro V1x better than the NXT Tour S.  I appreciate all your help!

  3. Patrick H


    Yes you are correct that you do hit the driver well, and hit many fairways. As clubs get longer, the difference in ball spin decreases, hence a Pro V1 and Pro V1x are very similar off the tee.

    I recommended a Pro V1x over a Pro V1 was because of your shots into the green. Yes, you hit the ball well, but you do not have a consistent miss hit, ie. a push or a pull. A Pro V1x will fly a little straighter on those miss hit shots, because your dispersion on your irons was too erratic.

    You are correct, that a Velocity is a lower spinning ball, and will fly straighter, but you will sacrifice stopping power on the green.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.
  4. Austin S

    After testing the Pro V1x around the green and hearing your thoughts, you have convinced me to give it a try.

    Just out of curiosity, what conditions would happen for you to recommend the Pro V1 for a player?

  5. Ryan L

    You'd be surprised on how well the V1x stops on the dime for the lower spinning ball.  Even on my half wedge shots, once it hits the green it would stop within 2 bounces.

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